Adopt Sadie Adoption Pending
 Gender Female Spayed Brittany Dog
 DoB/Age 9 Years Old
 Coloring Liver and White
 Training House Trained • Crate Trained
 Plays Well
 Children: Plays well • Other Dogs: Plays well • Cats: Unknown
 Disabilities Hip Dysplasia- digital films were done. Up to date on all vaccines, dental. Microchipped.
 Availability Now. (please be a Florida resident to apply)
Loves Car Rides
Sadie arrived into FBR from Alabama in late March. She rode shotgun as she made her way to Florida, and we were told she loved the 10 hour car ride. Once in Florida two very special volunteers picked her up and gave her a fabulous Spa Day at their home. She lost a pound of fur after her grooming, and she sure needed it! It was clear Sadie hadn't been starved but she was neglected. After her first vetting, we treated her for a urinary tract infection and hook worms, and like magic, her lethargy vanished, and she became an energetic, curious and engaged Brittany dog. She now spends hours at her foster home running around the fenced in yard and swimming in their pond. Her favorite thing to do is flush & point rabbits!
Final Vet Checks
At four weeks in our care and after clearing up her infections and worms, we just did a dental, along with a series of x-rays of all her teeth and lower extremities. Sadie has some very worn front teeth that are almost nubs--we think it happened from trying to chew her way out of a kennel. Despite the look, her worn teeth are strong and there are no root issues. She only needed one back cracked molar extracted. With a strong, good heart and lungs, this Brittany girl recovered so quickly from her surgery that she was ready to go on a walk that same evening.
Gentle, Sweet and Loving
She's truly the sweetest dog with not a mean bone in her body. She takes treats so softly and loves having her people scratch her ears. Sadie is loyal and trust worthy and is always ready for a walk. She gets so excited when she sees her leash and especially her food bowl. Since arriving, she's lost 5 lbs. Sadie is now already starting to show a svelte waistline which her vet was so happy to see, since Sadie was also diagnosed with hip dysplasia. At this point in her life she just needs to lose a bit more weight, keep her weight down and continue taking the daily supplements which we started her on. She sleeps quietly through the night on a nice orthopedic bed.
A Stray No More
Sadie was a stray found in a rural community in Alabama. She had no collar or chip, and no one came looking for her. We wish she could tell us about her past, but our guess is she was once someone's loyal hunting dog. Perhaps some tragedy befell them, and they decided to let her go with the hope she would find another home. Thanks to our totally amazing volunteers in AL, Sadie did find her way into our rescue and is waiting for her perfect family.