Adopt Misty Adoption Pending
 Gender Female Spayed Brittany Dog
 DoB/Age 6 years old
 Coloring Orange and White
 Training House Trained • Crate Trained
 Plays Well
 Children: Unknown • Other Dogs: Respectful • Cats: Unknown
 Disabilities None. Excellent Health. Current on all vaccines. Microchipped.
 Availability Now. (please be a Florida resident to apply)
Mysterious Past
Misty arrived into our rescue 4 weeks ago, as of this writing. She was very shy and fearful but had a happy bounce to her step. We named her Misty because she has a mysterious past...no one knew how she came to be living at a hunting plantation in Florida. The facility cared for her for almost a year and kept her on preventatives. They asked for our help to rehome her, as she just didn't have the hunt drive they were looking for. We're happy that they felt Misty deserved to retire to a nice home that would give her more attention.
Well-Mannered Brittany Girl
Her hunting camp exposure seems to have informed the dog Misty is today. She knows how to behave in a pack environment and carefully watches all the dogs she comes into contact with. Misty gets along well with the resident Brittanys in her foster home. She isn't playful with other dogs but she respects them. Instead, she much prefers to play with her people and loves getting never-ending ear scratches. She is obedient and well-mannered inside and doesn't go on furniture — even when invited. Misty sleeps quietly in her crate through the night.
Happy and Active, So Pretty and Petite
Our vet believes Misty had one litter, and with her first vet checkup, we discovered she had a urinary tract infection and was promptly treated for that — Hoo Wee! — after finishing treatment, boy did her energy level come back full force! She's healthy, happy, and headed for greater things, and she knows it! Misty loves being outside when you are outside, and she needs a secure, physical fenced-in yard to play. Oh, and get your throwing arm ready because Misty loves to retrieve. She has a soft mouth. We think a home with minimal alone time or access to outside (if longer than 4 hours) would be best for her. She is a gentle and petite 30lb. girl and has a little bladder.