We love happy dogs! If you like adoption photos and photos of dogs, you're in the right place! These are all the Brittanys for whom Florida Brittany Rescue have found forever homes. Starting with FBR0001 Missy, we're happy to show off all our adoptions!
FBR0001 Missy
Ah, yeah, life is good!
FBR0002 Java
They're the coolest -- look at my new parents!
FBR0003 Jake
I love my new family...and their boat!!
FBR0004 Kona
I'm so happy with my new parents, I can't stop smiling!
FBR0005 Jasper
Dudes, look at me and my awesome new dad!
FBR0006 Mitch
New parents and a new sibling -- jackpot!
FBR0007 Duke
Oh, this is gonna be fun...let's go home!
FBR0008 Willow
Show me to the car, now, please...enough with the photos...I'm ready to go!
FBR0009 Charlie
My forever foster mom is the best. I love her!
FBR0010 Clayton
My new peeps -- and they're all MINE!!!
FBR0011 Rufus
What? How did this happen?!? They ALL love me, AND I get to go home with them, too?
FBR0012 Cooper
Oh, yeah! This is totally going to work out!
FBR0013 Thunder
Waaaaaa-Hooooooooo!!! Love at first sight!
FBR0015 Newman
Look at my beautiful family, and they picked ME!!
FBR0016 Kellie
If I pretend to look the other way, I wonder if my dad will give me that dog cookie?
FBR0017 Huxley
I've got it made in the shade, dudes!
FBR0018 Lewie
I've only got eyes for my new family!
FBR0019 Feather
Well, OK, I guess I'll share my new parents...!
FBR0020 Penny
Nobody make a move, these are MY boys!
FBR0022 Abby
A sister AND a daddy, all in one day -- BONUS!
FBR0023 Larkin
So, like, yeah, I got it from here, thanks!
FBR0024 Harley
FBR0025 Cooper
Thanks, FBR, best parents ever!
FBR0026 Mason
What can I say? Yeah, I'm a lucky pup!
FBR0028 Radar
I guess I lived up to my name, because my new dad honed in on me!
FBR0029 Jules
Are you telling me I get to ride on the tractor, too?!?
FBR0030 Blue
No longer blue, but happy as a clam!!
FBR0031 Rhett
I tried to sit up taller for the photo, but they didn't care...I still went home with them!
FBR0032 Jackson
OH! You know it!
FBR0033 Nori
They're the ones smiling on the outside, but my heart is singing on the inside!
FBR0034 Katie
Did you hear? Double adoption day! My new dad took me and Abby home with him!
FBR0035 Amber
I was just out here, standing in the field, minding my own business...then wham! This happened!
FBR0037 Luke
Ah, yeah, I can't stop smiling, either!
FBR0038 Molly Belle
I think I fit in perfectly, Right. Here.
FBR0039 Buddy
I totally got this from here, FBR. Later!
FBR0040 Coco
Is this my good side? I wanna make sure I look good for my adoption photo!
FBR0043 Maddie
WWWWhhhhheeeeeeeeeee! Look at happy me!!!
FBR0044 Woody
I'm very serious, so seriously, let's go home.
FBR0045 Luis
I love kicking around with my family!
FBR0046 Nala
I fit right in, don't you think?!?
FBR0047 Mocha
Me and my boy...we're gonna go places!
FBR0048 Nellie
Have I told you how much I love you?
FBR0049 Ryleigh
With all my mighty might, I wished for these new parents!
FBR0050 Brody
Don't worry, big fella, I'm happy to share the love!
FBR0051 Hazel
Chillin' with my peeps, gettin' ready to hit the road home!
FBR0052 Blue
Double Adoption Day with my sis Bella, and I am one happy camper!
FBR0053 Bella
I'm digging this, dudes!
FBR0054 Maggie
Yeah, I think I'll keep them, they're pretty cool.
FBR0055 Ruger
Let's make tracks, I gotta get to my new home!
FBR0056 Sansa
This is just the start to a whole lotta kisses!
FBR0057 Hoss
Group Hug!!!
FBR0058 Sadie Rose
Yup, I'll take the lead on this one!
FBR0059 Ruby
I feel like a queen!!!
FBR0061 Gunny
I've been waiting my whole life for you two!
FBR0062 Jessie
Chillaxin' with my mom!
FBR0063 Jake
There's a spring in my step, and my main man is the reason why!
FBR0064 Cracker
Haha!! Lookee who I got!!!
FBR0065 Pinto
Yup, I'm totally leaning into this action!
FBR0066 Beau
I'm so proud of my new dad!
FBR0067 Hudson
I can't imagine anyone else I'd want for my dad!
FBR0068 Lola
Oh, man, oh, man! Can you believe it? My whole new family!
FBR0069 Lady
Yup, our dad's outnumbered!
FBR0070 Ben
You think they're happy? Look at MY face!!
FBR0071 Charlotte
In the arms of my new mom -- just where I belong.
FBR0072 Curry
I'm ready to go. Let's GO!!!
FBR0073 Buddy
FBR0074 Jack
Um, I'm so dazzled by my new folks that I'm a little dazed...
FBR0075 Louie
In my wildest dreams, I never could have conjured up a more perfect family!
FBR0076 Floyd
I was one, and now, I am MANY!!
FBR0077 Luna
I love my mom. She is all mine!
FBR0078 Lucy
I'm the luckiest girl with my little girl!! Isn't she the cutest?!?
FBR0079 Sydney
What? I'm going HOME with them?!? Yippeeeee!!
I'm never taking my eyes off these two!
FBR0081 Josie
How did I ever get so lucky?!?
FBR0082 Amber
My big, happy family. This is going to be good!!
FBR0083 Roxy
My mom's making me a rock star!
FBR0084 Bella
My mighty hunt for my perfect family got me exactly the one I wanted!
FBR0085 Cooper
I spy the getaway car. Let's get outta here and celebrate!
FBR0086 Penny
Ahhh...I'm finally exactly where I belong.
FBR0087 Joe
I belong to you, my lady!
FBR0088 Buttons
I can't believe my brother is licking my dad's head during my adoption photo shoot -- sheesh!!
FBR0089 Winston
Meet my pack! I'm in there somewhere...oh yeah, on one of my boys' lap!
FBR0090 Frisco
How come they can't stop laughing? They need to stop laughing so we can go home, NOW!
FBR0091 Nina
Hey, did they know I love road trips? So glad I got myself groomed and ready to hit the road, baby!
FBR0092 Poppy
Pleased as punch and ready to take my new mom home!
FBR0093 Jag
Oh, boy, oh, boy!!!! Yes, I'm a happy boy!!!
FBR0094 Coco Joe
I knew I could be the best dog for that perfect someone...thank you for finding me mom!!
FBR0095 Rambo
Yeeeee-Haw!!!! Are you kidding me?!? Love at first sight!!
FBR0096 Dixie
Mom? Check! Dad? Check! Brother? Check!!! Am I a happy camper? CHECK.
FBR0097 Hugo
I am feeling the love -- and can't stop staring at my awesome new family!!
FBR0098 Simon
Me and my new family. I am DEFINITELY loving this.
FBR0099 Woody
Me and my peeps -- we're tight!!
FBR0100 Daphne
I'm Daddy's girl! I love car rides...but I can't WAIT to get HOME with my new family.
FBR0101 Baylor
Leaping for joy, right into the arms of my mom and dad!!
FBR0102 Lily
Look at my new family! I couldn't be any happier!!
FBR0103 Gus
Happy Me! Happy Family! Let's go HOME!
FBR0104 Remy
No matter which way you look, there's no denying that I hit the jackpot!
FBR0105 Sadie
Uh-Huh...Yes, life is GOOD!
FBR0106 Dash
I'm staying right here -- smack dab in the center of my pack!!
FBR0107 Maggie
Heh-heh...yeah, it doesn't get any better than this.
FBR0108 Abby
Best mom and dad ever!
FBR0109 Gordie
Gordie's found his gold mine!!!
FBR0110 Piper
No WAY!!! This is my family?!? Oh, this is gonna be so awesome!!
FBR0111 Kyanne
I'm not about to let anyone in my family out of my sight!
FBR0112 Kya
So new family, just in time for Christmas!
FBR0113 Bruce
I want to shout it from the roof tops -- JACKPOT!!!!!
FBR0114 Willow
'Running as fast as I can to my big, happy family!
FBR0115 Ruby
My mommy and me - we were made for each other!
FBR0116 Jake
Nyah-Nyah! I'm going home with the best parents and brother!!
FBR0117 Duke
Home at last!
FBR0118 Rusty
Oh, my big, loving family...aren't they just perfect?
FBR0119 Beau
All I need is love, and I got it!!!!
FBR0120 Molly Belle
Let's go, let's go, LET'S GO HOME!!!!
FBR0121 Hanson
I'm the happiest dog in the world, and I want BOTH my pictures to have my parents in them!
FBR0122 Bentley
OK, enough with the photos - I want to go home and play fetch with my dad!!!
FBR0123 Bailey
I feel so loved and already at home!
FBR0125 Sophie
Yes, Stu -- we've definitely got it good. We're gonna have some great times!
FBR0126 Maddie
Home. Sweet. Home.
FBR0127 Bonnie
Happy as a clam!!!
FBR0128 Jimmy
Ecstatic doesn't even begin to describe it!!
FBR0129 Chief
Yipppeeeee! Let's go HOME!
FBR0130 Cooper (aka Teddy)
I was lost, got taken in by Broward County animal control, got rescued by Florida Brittany Rescue (thank goodness!) who found my person for me! I love my person and so happy to be back home with him! Thank you, FBR!
FBR0131 Birdie
I'm home!! And even though I'm the smallest, I'm still alpha! ;-)
FBR0132 Harley
Ahhhhh!!! SO good to be HOME!!
FBR0133 Archie
Not only the center of attention, but the center of all my toys!
FBR0134 Bandit
Kisses all around for my peeps!! So much love, so much happiness!!!
FBR0135 Luna
I'm the beautiful Brittany in these photos! ;-D I love being in this big pack!
FBR0136 Gunnar
The meaning of finally being HOME.
FBR0137 Manny
You had me at hello!
FBR0138 Trigger
I'm going home with them!
FBR0139 Gunner
Get ready to run!
FBR0140 Ed
Ahhhh...I'm already at home with my forever foster mom and dad!
FBR0141 Domino
C'mon! Let's go! I've got places to go and people to see!
FBR0142 Lexi
It's like I was born into this family...I just totally fit!
FBR0143 Scout
You better believe I got it good!!!
FBR0144 Parker
I'm the one with the biggest smile!!
FBR0145 Chief
Close the door please, we are going home!!
FBR0146 Ginger
Oh, I've got so many reasons to smile!
FBR0147 Bailey
I'm thinking my life is gonna be just great!
FBR0148 Bo
Happy? Nope. ECSTATIC!!
FBR0149 Beau
I love EVERYBODY in my family!!
FBR0150 Maya
All I want in life is right here.
FBR0151 Brandy
I am SO READY to go HOME!
FBR0152 Coral Lee
Buckled and ready for the ride, baby!
FBR0153 Watson
I'm the center of my pack - exactly where I belong!
FBR0154 Caleb
I have it soooooooo GOOD!
FBR0155 Lucy
Being so loved is so amazing!
FBR0156 Levi
Man, oh, man! How lucky am I?
FBR0159 Bell
He's all mine!!
FBR0160 Chloe
Everyone looks like they're out-smiling me, but I know I'm the happiest!
FBR0161 Bowie
Livin' the life of a rock star, dudes!
FBR0162 Zeus
And then, when we got home, we played my favorite games!
FBR0163 Harper
So much has happened to me, but I think I'll settle in right here with my loving family and be just fine.
FBR0164 Duke
Ahh, I can finally relax and let my hair down...I'm HOME!
FBR0165 Scout
Yeah, Baby! Look at me now!!
FBR0166 Luci
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!? We're going home together!!
FBR0167 Charley Brown
Seriously? Double adoption? Best Mom and Dad EVER!
FBR0168 Molly
Ahhhhhh...exactly where I belong...!
FBR0169 Pumpkin
What?!?!? ANOTHER double adoption? I can't believe my luck!!
FBR0170 Stella
I got adopted first and was so good that I convinced my Mom and Dad to get my sister, Pumpkin!
FBR0171 Tucky
Sheesh, let's go already, Mom & Dad! I wanna go home!
FBR0172 Opie
So, yeah, we're all good, and I'll take it from here, FBR. I got this!
FBR0173 Bailey
I'm going home!
FBR0174 Roscoe
Don't stop! I wanna get in the truck and get going!!
FBR0175 Bailey
It's all GOOD!!
FBR0176 Duke
I got my wish!! Double adoption with my brother, Roscoe!!
FBR0177 Pippin
You're taking me with you, right, Mommy?
FBR0178 Jax
I've got my Dad, I've got my Bro - I'm good to go!
FBR0179 Misty
Happy doesn't even begin to cover it!!
FBR0180 Sadie
Thanks for saving me a spot with our Mom and Dad, Daphne!
FBR0181 Drake
I can't wait to go home with you!
FBR0182 Chico
Yup...I'd say that we are one big happy family, and this one is in the bag!
FBR0183 Chaps
I'm the king of this pack ...thanks Lexi for making me feel so welcome
FBR0184 Roman
It's all good now, I'm soooo Happy...I am the luckiest boy ever!
FBR0185 Whiskey
Happy times ahead for me and my pack
FBR0186 Chanel
Life couldn't be better in this home full of love!
FBR0187 Annie
Life is now as bright as it can be! It's time to go, I've got some balls to retrieve!
FBR0188 Maddie
Feeling the love with my people, I'm all set now!
FBR0190 Cody
I'm so happy, let's go home!
FBR0191 Dixie
A Trio of Trouble! Dixie Loves her new Life!
FBR0193 Oscar
I am an American today, so Proud!
FBR0194 Quincy
Harness on, Leash on, let's go!
FBR0195 Cassie
Love at first sight!
FBR0196 Santo
We Love Happy Endings!
FBR0197 Tina
Loving my new All Girl Pack!
FBR0198 Luna
All ready for her next Adventure
FBR0199 Eddy
I met them , I love them, Let's go!
FBR0200 Scout
Worth the long plane ride, I'm in Heaven!
FBR0201 Oliver
Life is good on the ranch!
FBR0202 Abby
They fell in love with me!
FBR0203 Daphne
I love my Big Pack, now let's get to the farm!
FBR0204 Harley
All mine and I love them!
FBR0205 Ziggy
Lucky in Life!
FBR0206 Izzy
Life is Good in Myakka!
FBR0207 Cooper
I am the King!
FBR0208 Luna
I love my new family and my big fur brother Tucker too!
FBR0209 Cosmo
Me and my big sis got this!
FBR0210 Cooper
Instant bonding ..I love my new pack!
FBR0212 Finn
I was asked to join this Brittany Pack & I accepted!
FBR0213 Stewart
I love my crazy pack!
FBR0214 Milo
My people are good people
FBR0215 Husker
I know I am where I was always meant to be!
FBR0216 Daisy
I love a family I can Hug..... I like to Hug!
FBR0217 Beau
They think I'm the sweetest Dog ever! It's true!
FBR0218 Shelby
I still can't believe is good in Myakka!
FBR0219 Sally
I love my new family, life is good!
FBR0220 Iz Ray Lee
My birthdate has meaning and we connected!
FBR0221 Doc
Feeling the love from the very start!
FBR0222 Chloe
My Mum & I are going to do lots of fun things together!
FBR0225 Willow
I waited forever for you Mom!
FBR0226 River
He's such a Good Looking boy! Except when he digs in the mud!
FBR0227 Archie
He is definitely a keeper!
FBR0228 Gunner
I knew they'd come back for Me! I'm a happy boy!
FBR0229 Jake
Life is good, my Hoodad is the best!
FBR0230 Nellie
I got this let's go!
FBR0231 Isha
I love my people and they love me!
FBR0232 Duke
Life will be an adventure
FBR0233 Sam
I am having the time of my life at FBRHQ!! Thank you for keeping me close to you Steve & Chris, I love you.
FBR0234 Molly
So Proud to be a part of this Pack!
FBR0235 Tucker
My Mom rocks and I will love her Forever!
FBR0236 Jack
My Happy New Family!
FBR0237 Tucker
My people are like me they love to walk!
FBR0238 Toby
Nothing like fitting in when you just know it's a perfect match!
FBR0239 Flynn
My heart belongs to them!
FBR0240 Mac
My life with my Lady will be grand!
FBR0241 Minnie
Life is good for me now and I have a big fur sista!
FBR0242 Scout
Dad, I'm Ready to Roll!
FBR0243 Lucy
My Forever Fosters are the best!
FBR0244 Remi
We are Family!
FBR0246 Sadie
My Life is now Pawfect!
FBR0247 Lady
My mom is just amazing she has taught me so much.. and I love my fur brother too! I am home!
FBR0248 Piper
Life is good for me, my mom and dad love me loads! I also have two English pointers boys to play with..but I am the Queen!
FBR0249 Dunkin
It was love at first sight, I'm official and so Happy!
FBR0250 Franco
Life is good for me now!
FBR0251 Finley
I love my life..did I tell you these people are awesome!
FBR0252 Loki
Oh the places I will go!
FBR0253 Gracie
My Dad saw me and it was love at 1st sight!
FBR0254 Abbey
My Home is a Good Home..Abbey Cadabbey
FBR0255 Amber
Happiness is Forever!
FBR0256 Wilbur
I am so Lucky to have this big family loving me! BTW I won the squirrel fair and square!!
FBR0257 Hank
I am told I am a character and full of personality. It's true!
FBR0258 Jasper
I am feeling the love!
FBR0259 Roma
I am a lucky girl!
FBR0260 Oliver
My new family get me, and I love them!
FBR0261 Willow
I love my life with these people!
FBR0262 Ranger
I am good looking and it they love me!
FBR0263 Cooper
Feeling all the love around me..I am now home!
FBR0264 Bruno
I searched all the highways..before I found the right one that lead me to this home! I love my home!!
FBR0265 Scooter
I was rehomed at 14 and it's the best thing that happened to me!
FBR0266 Piper
I joined a happy loving pack ..Oh yes we are all besties!
FBR0267 Bucky
I found the best home, full of love and exciting Adventures! I am never lonely anymore in my forever home..thank you Mom!!
FBR0268 Beau
My ladies fell in love with me and I fell in love with them..and my fur sister Bella is my best friend too! Life sure changed for the better for me, I couldn't be happier!
FBR0269 Bowie
I had an amazing rescue and ended up in the best forever home! We are all besties!
FBR0270 Max
My family understand me, and I love them!
FBR0271 Skye
I am a lucky girl to be a part of this family!
FBR0272 Kole
I love my family and my big fur sister Pocket!
FBR0274 Punkin
My parents say I'm something else, I just love my parents!
FBR0275 Beth
My mom told me I'm here to stay..thank you mom! Btw..did I mention my fur brother is Rip..woo hoo!
FBR0276 JJ
I am so happy I have a family that love me! Dory my big fur sister is pretty cool too!
FBR0277 Birdie
I love my big family and big brother Jack!
FBR0279 Buddy
My life is so grand and I love my new family!
FBR0280 Precious
My mom and I make a terrific team, we like to run!
FBR0281 Copper
My moms says: Coppers is a good boy, little crazy, but living his best life!
FBR0282 Triton
They told me they saw me and just had to have about them apples! Life is good for me now, I am spoiled.
FBR0283 Jessie
My dad told me he would make me a great Brittany and take me places..he sure did I am a graduate now, smart as a whip!
FBR0284 Jenny
My parents are the best not only did they help transport me to FBR then then Adopted me! I'm a Lucy Girl!
FBR0285 Mabel
I landed on my paws again, life is good now and I am so happy with my parents and fur sister!
FBR0286 Charlie Brown
I love my family and my brother Snoopy. My yard is big and the birds are fantastic here in my forever home!
FBR0287 Snoopy
I know I'm lucky I have a good family and my brother Charlie Brown! What more can a handsome boy like me want?
FBR0288 Ozzie
I am so happy my people are as active as I am, cause I loves to Run!!
FBR0289 Walter
I'm just a cool dude that adopted into a cool dude kind of home. Brittany Acres is the best place to be!
FBR0290 Eli
I got a 2nd chance today and I am so happy I found such terrific parents!
FBR0291 Biscuit
I woke up early and they came for me! I am so Happy!