Our beautiful Brittany dogs who have passed.
FBR0001 Missy
Passed on 19April2019

Missy was a once in a lifetime dog, truly the best girl you could ever know. She was more like a person, singing excitedly when you came home and cocking her head and raising her ears when you talked to her like she wanted to ask you a question right back. We told everyone she knows exactly what you are saying...especially if it's food related :)

It was fitting that Florida Brittany Rescue heard about Missy just weeks after forming. She was FBR0001! Purchased as a puppy we learned that her owner struggled affording Missy’s medical care. So many vet visits that gave no real advice to help Missy. Her owner knew she needed help and put time into finding the right rescue to take her in. She told us that Missy was rejected by a large all breed well-funded rescue in Tampa,FL indicating her allergies would make her unadoptable. Missy was a real special needs Brittany with both severe food and environmental allergies. She arrived into FBR with skin so dry and cracked, along with large areas of hair loss, she was a hot itchy mess in such desperate need of rescuing. There were many lucky breaks for Missy but at the age of 5 she did find her happy place! We knew at intake she was a littermate of the Brittanys of FBR’s co-founders Christine & Steve Aron, known as the “Myakka Pack”. Missy loved reuniting with her brothers and sister, and she enjoyed all the fun times running and swimming with her pack again. It took all of 6 months but she lost weight and transformed into one gorgeous girl.

So, the moment I saw the amazing picture of Missy sniffing the flowers, I had to have that big gorgeous girl! We went to hang out with her and the Aron pack and oh boy we could see her big pushy personality right away. She loved telling the whole pack what to do, especially when it came to food...she was determined to be first in line. We worried that taking her away from her group would change her, she was after all a natural bossy mama bear :) We quickly saw she could still be herself at the dog parks, chasing and barking at puppies that would play and then when we got our 2nd Britt (Dania a total softie) Missy was more humble, being the boss by just standing tall and proud.

Missy found herself in a comfortable role, this time as a peaceful and watching mama. It was so heartwarming to see her shine and know that both our dogs were the most perfect fit for our growing family :) They were both so great with our little ones, and Missy was extra helpful cleaning up any spilled baby food immediately. Missy starting having trouble breathing on our morning walks in winter 2017 and was diagnosed in summer 2018 with laryngeal paralysis and had short scary episodes which really slowed her down. We knew our time with her was limited and just hoped we could prepare ourselves soon to be able to do the best thing for her and recognize when she was ready. I remember snuggling with her telling her I needed her to help me run the house, and we weren't ready for her to leave, then a couple weeks later I said she could go when she needed to, we would be ok. Shortly after she let us know on a weekday when the whole family happened to be home, it was time to help her get eternal comfort.

We felt like she was with us longer than 7 years, as she had such a large piece of our hearts. She was the best dog to snuggle, I hope to never forgot her smell or the feel of her soft fur on my face. She had the softest pink belly that she loved to have rubbed as she napped on her back, completely upside down. My husband hugged her so much, she learned how to really lean in and hug back. She knew she was loved, and I really think she was the best at loving us back.

FBR0003 Jake
Passed on 7 March 2023

We learned that Jake (FBR0003) passed on March 7th, just shy of his 13 birthday, and had 11 great years in a wonderful loving home.

His last 6 months he had some health issues that were not curable. Goodbye dear boy, we were honored to have recused you.

From his owners: We said goodbye to Jake today. The tumor started to bleed again late last week. Monday a back leg was off. Last night he panted, didn’t seem to sleep and this morning that leg was swollen and he was laying down, breathing differently, lethargic and only ate a little hand ✋ fed bacon and egg. It was a match made in heaven. Lucky he was part of our family.

FBR0005 Jasper
Passed on 4-December 2019

Jasper had 8 good years with his family and passed away of old age. He was such a beautiful obedient boy and loved going to work with his family everyday and all the adventures out with them. He was loved and cared for until the end.

FBR0007 Duke
Passed on 25April2018

From FBR: We lost another dear alumni last month. It took 6 months in our rescue for Duke to find the right forever home. The first 3 months were touch and go on whether or not he would make it through heart worm treatment, but he did. Then when adopters would come to meet him, he would say hello then run as far as he could away from them. That is, until Jim arrived--then it was like magic--Duke ran up to greet Jim and never left his side. A week later Jim and his family came for him. They just celebrated 5 great years with this gentle giant, and he was very loved. We just wish it could have been longer.

Tribute from Duke's Family: Our Duke (aka: Dukers, The Duke)

Duke came to us from Florida Brittany Rescue as we journeyed to Myakka City April 28, 2013 with all his new brothers and sisters to bring him home to Loxahatchee. Described and observed as a happy boy but a bit of a loner, we soon found we had a lot to learn from this magnificent Brit!

Once settled in he checked everything out, romped (with his always elegant gait) in the yard and settled by the back sliders and just stared outside. The very first day he escaped! Searching frantically by car and foot he magically appeared 45 minutes later like nothing had happened at all! That evening we ordered a GPS, and it was his newfound friend as far as we were concerned. After a year he really didn’t need it…this was his home, and he guarded it like it was gold.

On his first visit with our local vet to get established, he unfortunately tested positive again for heartworms and had to go through 2 more full treatments. His activity was restricted, and he took the treatments in stride and settled into his new home and family. Observant and smart, he soon figured out how important he had become to our entire family and, loner no more, he took over the Pack….the chair…the bed...the couch! His only real fear was of thunderstorms, how he hated them. As soon as it started storming, he would head straight for the bathroom and climb into the bathtub and stay there until the storm was gone…there was no coaxing him out of the tub, no way no how!

Once off of activity restriction, he just bloomed. Duke loved to run, still the master lizard chaser, his focused concentration was a sight to behold. He was quite a clown. He loved music and to dance. If he had something to say he’d say it. We would be sitting talking about something and up came his head, and he just talked and talked until he had his full say in the matter. His quiet, gentle nature naturally just took over everyone's hearts. He thought he was a small dog and could fit into tight places, and it was always fun to see him realize he couldn’t quite fit there. His beautiful face, soulful eyes, gorgeous coloring, long legs and narrow butt made him one handsome boy that did not go unnoticed by anyone.

Through the years he was the welcome wagon for anyone who came to visit – he craved being the center of attention without being demanding. All of our friends and family always asked how is Duke? His unconditional acceptance of changes in the home were all fine by him as long as he was home!

In December 2017 he developed a cough and was diagnosed with bronchitis and placed on antibiotics and cough meds. On Christmas day he coughed up blood and was immediately taken to the ER and admitted for 5 days. Washing, biopsies, breathing treatments and a bronchoscopy later the docs were still puzzled until a rare bacteria came back from the biopsies. The heartworms that had damaged his lungs had pockets that the bacteria had settled in and was determined to be the source of the bleeding and the chronic cough. The docs developed a regimen and it appeared to be working. Duke was feeling better and back to his fun and games but with coughing jags that would come and go.

He passed away unexpectedly but peacefully in his chair on a Wednesday morning late in April. We had a wonderful 5 years with Duke and although there is a hole in our heart he gave us so many memories and love that the hole is filled with the love of Duke. He was one-of-a-kind, and we miss him every day but know that he is still here in spirit. The morning that he died I was by the koi pond, and for the first time ever the water lilies bloomed for one hour…I knew it was Duke's way to comfort and tell us everything would be okay.

FBR0008 Willow
From FBR: Willow passed away just shy of her 13th birthday. She was one of our early rescues and she had the most incredible personality. Anyone who met Willow always commented on how beautiful she was. She was FBR’s inaugural calendar (2017) cover girl. We were so happy when she adopted to a friend of FBR, so that we could see so her again and follow her life on Facebook. She had 6 years of being loved and cherished for by her family. Run pain-free girl, you were so very loved.

From Willow’s Family:

She left a hole in my heart when she left. Miss Willow Mae, the Barker of all barkers.

Miss Willow.....the smartest and funniest girl to enter into our lives. She barked like crazy, she could open the garbage can, sometimes even with the child proof lock on it. She was the best snuggler and the alpha girl in our house. We got six years of pure love and laughter with our girl. I still hear her walking in the night, I still wait for her to beg for her 8:00pm milkbone. She was a blessing to our family, and we will never be the same now that she is gone.

FBR0009 Charlie
Passed on 1March2019

Charlie was a stoic Brittany who came through our rescue twice. He was just the coolest little guy, obedient and an awesome retriever. He saw the best in people and knew who he could trust and understand, and he fit in with all the dogs who crossed his path. He passed just shy of this 15th birthday. We will miss not seeing Charlie at FBR headquarters for playdates and cuddles. I know his last 15 months were full of love and excellent care...we thank Martha and all of our supporters for helping us with Charlie, who became our first "Forever Foster" dog.

From his Forever Mom Martha:

Those of you who know us well, know that Ted and I chose to let dogs share our home. I am no expert in all things afterlife, but I would like to believe that Ted was happy to welcome Charlie this morning and that Charlie would tell him to go find cousin Nelson who crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. Charlie came to us at age 13 almost 15 months ago after having lost his home for the second time in his life. In title he was our "forever foster" but in reality he was just one of "our" dogs. He taught Coconut that there are dogs that he can co-exist with and helped Chloe transition from a rather insecure, single dog, into a happy-go-lucky member of the Dillon pack.

Thanks to Dr. Laura and her assistant Beth, Charlie peacefully went to sleep this morning after devouring a chunk of chocolate and a slice of cheese. Charlie loved food! He also graces the back page of Florida Brittany Rescue's 2019 calendar. He will be so missed.

FBR0010 Clayton
Clayton was a sweet hound dog that became an honoree Brittany when we were asked to help him from a bad situation. We adopted him into a loving family, and they gave him a good life.

From his Forever Family:

It began when Clayton had been jumping around excitedly when playing and then began limping around. We took him to the vet and determined he had broken his toe. We were keeping him resting and giving him pain meds that the vet had prescribed as his toe healed. After a few days, we noticed Clayton was acting strangely when he ate and then having trouble pooping. We and the vet assumed it was because of the pain meds - they can cause constipation - so we gave him some additional meds to help him poop, (and had the poor little guy in a diaper in case he couldn't control himself), but he still seemed to be straining, in pain, and started eating less and less. We had his abdomen x-rayed and found a mass in his intestines. Further tests determined it was cancer. After discussing options with our vet, she felt that euthanization was probably the best option because they weren't sure they could get it surgically without causing him suffering for the remainder of his life. So, we made the agonizing decision to let him go.

FBR0012 Cooper
Passed on 8-6-2020

Cooper arrived into our rescue after being rescued form terrible neglect from a group of good Samaritans steeped up to get Cooper into rescue. A no longer needed hunting dog whose owner came out to visit him weekly only to feed and give him water. He let his dog live in its own feces and urine with only a plastic igloo dog house as shelter from the cold Jacksonville winters! We are happy he adopted into a good forever home and appreciated every day he was in their lives for 7 years!

From his Owners: We are so sad to say our Cooper (FBR0012) has passed away. Our handsome boy was almost 15. We will SO miss him!

FBR0014 Franny - passed away while in our care -
From Florida Brittany Rescue: Franny was rescued from a nice man in Pasco County FL when he was told by a UPS driver about a Brittany he saw on his route living in deplorable conditions outside in the cold and rain. That night he went to the home and the owners were happy to be rid of the dog they called an escape artist. Once at the vet he learned Franny was very sick: heart worm positive, fecal worm positive, pneumonia, and almost every tooth in her mouth had been broken from chewing on the chain that tied her down. After several weeks of getting her over the pneumonia, he then reached out to FBR for help, and we said we would take her into our care. Unfortunately the years of over-breeding also resulted in mammary tumors, and the probable cancer and heart worm combined, made it impossible for Franny to recover. She had 3 happy months of warm, dry conditions, good food and lots of love before she left.
FBR0015 Newman
Passed late August 2018

Goodbye to Newman who was one of our early rescues who came down from GA with his baby teeth still falling out when he arrived. He had 6 great years living a good life with his family...but we all know there is never a good time to lose a beloved pet, and never enough time with them. Run Pain Free, Newman.

From Newman's Family:

It has taken a couple of weeks for me to be able to send this news to you. I'm still typing this thru tears. Two weeks ago, we lost Newman. Long story short, he had lymphoma, and by the time he showed signs, it was too late. It came fast and spread even faster. We tried everything, but he was suffering. We've had to do this before, but this time hit us REALLY hard. He did A LOT with us. These are a few photos of his last days. He LOVED the boat and his daddy!!

FBR0019 Feather
Passed 7 February 2023

It is always so hard to post , we learned Feather passed on 2-7-23, just shy of her 14th birthday. She was very loved and had many adventures adopting almost 10 years ago.

From her owners: On February 7th , our very special Brittany Feather ( FBR0019) crossed over the rainbow bridge. Feather came into our family on June 1st 2013 when we took our male dog Bramble to Florida Brittany rescue to meet a new companion. We had just lost our female Mailie to a coral snake and Bramble was beside himself. That Saturday we met Airiel, a slightly overweight 4 year old Brittany that Christine had rescued from a kill shelter. Bramble and Feather, as we renamed her, had a great time running all over the property, and after Feather’s second time swimming in the pond Bramble finally went swimming. We let them play for a couple of hours and left with the sweetest, friendliest, and softest dog you could ever ask for. When we got home that day and let the dogs out of the car Bramble took Feather out back directly to our pool for a swim. We use to say that Feather was part cat as she almost had nine lives. She had managed to live on her own, was rescued from a kill shelter, was bitten by a rattlesnake, had two different run ins with porcupines getting over 70 quills the last time. She was attacked by a pitbull at the vets and it took 4 people to get her free, which meant surgery and having tubes in her neck for a couple of weeks. Chasing squirrels in the back yard she tore her acl and limped on three legs for weeks. Her last adventure was the fall of 2021 when she was diagnosed with Lymes disease. Our little trooper was doing well until New Years weekend when she became very lethargic. The Vet visit showed wire bristles in her stomach, which after going to the Emergency Vet Hospital the sonogram showed a large mass growing on her stomach, to her pancreas and liver. The Vets felt that most likely it was cancer and at 13 ½ operating probably wasn’t a good idea. We brought Feather home for almost five weeks where she was able to be with us and still enjoy her backyard. After 4 days of not eating we finally decided it was time to let her go be free. Frank, myself, and Bramble will always be grateful to Florida Brittany Rescue, Christine and Steve for bringing Feather into our lives. I am adding a poem that was given to me years ago when we had to put our son’s dog Lola to sleep.

If it should be that I grow weak And pain should keep me from my sleep, Then you must do what must be done, For this last battle cannot be won. You will be sad, I understand. Don't let your grief then stay your hand. For this day, more than all the rest, Your love for me must stand the test. We've had so many happy years. What is to come can hold no fears. You'd not want me to suffer so; The time has come -- please let me go. Take me where my need they'll tend, And please stay with me till the end. Hold me firm and speak to me, Until my eyes no longer see. I know in time that you will see The kindness that you did for me. Although my tail its last has waved, From pain and suffering I've been saved. Please do not grieve -- it must be you Who had this painful thing to do. We've been so close, we two, these years; Don't let your heart hold back its tears. Someday I hope to write a better story about Feather as she was a very amazing little dog. Carol

FBR0020 Penny
Passed on 1 April 2020

Penny adopted as a young 7 year old and remained active until only a few months before she passed. She had 7 wonderful happy years with her family. She was the "Houdini" of escape artists and that's why her original owner had to surrender her to FBR. But, Penny was never lost with her caring adopters who always were watching, loving and caring for her.

From her Owner: It is with great sadness that we said our final goodbyes to this sweet dog this morning. We knew her time was close as she has been quickly declining for the last couple months. We are glad she is pain free and not suffering. She went to sleep last night and didn’t wake up. Such a sad day for us. We will miss her dearly, even her mischievous escapes from everywhere and other deeds. Thank you to Florida Brittany Rescue and Christine Vlcek-Aron and Steve for finding the perfect dog to fit into our family not only once but three times. A great organization that we can only highly recommend. We know they feel our loss today as well. Thank you for the seven years she got to spend with us. Run free sweet Penny Pie and enjoy the sky knowing we are glad for you and the time we had with you.

FBR0021 Foxxie
From Foxxie's Family: Foxxie came into Florida Brittany Rescue after she was dumped at Polk County Florida Animal Control by her owners. They said she was 10, and it was obvious that she had not been cared for in a very long time: filthy, flea infested, ear infections and in desperate need of dental care. We got her through all her medical needs but she suffered hearing loss from her previous neglect. Upon arrival Foxxie was a very reserved girl, well-mannered and sweet. She never would get up on the furniture, despite our encouragement to do so. She did not like having her picture taken, and if we brought the camera out she would leave the room. She loved to ride in the car, going to McDonald's for McDoubles or an ice cream cone. Our two week foster turned into a permanent home for her, but it was not nearly long enough. She became fast friends with our GSP rescue, Stryker, joining him daily on his exploration of our property. She only lasted two years with us before succumbing to complications of Laryngeal Paralysis. We loved Foxxie dearly and miss her very much.
FBR0022 Abby
Passed 15 April 2023

We learned that we lost a special alumnus that just was loved by everyone she met! Abby was an owner surrender, and arrived at FBR HQ in June 2013 just a few weeks before the big Magnolia rescue. Our rescue took in 13 dogs from that rescue and immediately the littlest, youngest one Katie became attached to the older more confident Abby. We were so grateful for Abby’s help with all these Brittanys. It was so nice when an approved applicant came out to meet Katie, he saw the amazing bond between Abby and Katie. The next morning, he phoned and asked if he could adopt both, of course we said Yes!! It was our 1st double adoption at the rescue. These two girls were the best of friends and true bonded pair until the end. She was very loved and had a fulfilling life, passing just shy of her 15th birthday. Run pain free dear Abby.

From her owner:

Losing Abby has been a big loss for Katie and me. She died peacefully on April 15th, at home. She spent the first five days of January in an oxygen chamber at Suncoast Emergency Vet Hospital. She had developed aspiration pneumonia. She recovered from the pneumonia, but was soon diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. We treated her with supplements, and she was soon back to her old self.

Such an amazing recovery that I brought her in for bloodwork in early April. The kidneys, liver, and everything were in normal specs. It was about two weeks later that she went downhill very quickly. In less than two days, she simply gave up and quit breathing. Katie and I were with her to the end. It's been a tough adjustment, especially for Katie.

Abby was always a good girl. I often called her, "the good daughter."

FBR0023 Larkin
Passed 1-21-22

Larkin came into our rescue at 2-years-old, as a stray from Polk County Animal Control. She was so skinny and also heartworm positive. Once treat she adopted fast. She was loved and cared for her entire life

Larkin passed away 1/21/2022. Larkin loved to run. She tolerated the leash and the fenced backyard. In heaven she is finally running free to her hearts desire. Lily, Lucy and I miss her terribly.

FBR0027 Magick - passed away while in our care -
From Florida Brittany Rescue: In the group photo, Magick is on the far right with his feet in the air. He had just recovered from a bad seizure (we thought he was going to die), and when I saw he was running with the dogs again it made me feel hopeful about him. Magick came out of the July 2013 Louisiana rescue. FBR brought 13 dogs from this rescue to Florida. 11 survived and went on to lead happy lives. Magick was a puppy, and it was hard to tell how old he was, but we guessed 6 months. FBR cared for him for 5 months as he came in and out of seizures. He had many happy days running and enjoying life as a loved dog for the first time in his short life.
FBR0032 Jackson
Passed on 16 February 2021

Jackson had 8 happy years in his wonderful forever home, which was a beautiful working farm.

From his Owners: Our sweet Jackson died in his sleep last night. He had a heart issue we were watching, no symptoms, no warning. He was peacefully in his crate. We're heart broken.

FBR0036 Shelby - passed away while in our care -
From Florida Brittany Rescue: Shelby also came out of the July 2013 Louisiana rescue. Both Magick and Shelby were the two extreme cases that showed just how horrible over-breeding and hoarding can be on a dog. Shelby had so many issues: heart worm positive, mammary tumors, chronic dry eye, cauliflower ears, and a mouth of broken, rotten teeth. She was too sick for us to do anything but make her feel comfortable and loved for the time she had left.
FBR0037 Luke
Passed May 2016

From Luke's Family: Almost three years ago, we were lucky enough to adopt the sweetest old soul into our family. He hadn't had the best life or the attention he needed, he didn't know much and understood mostly Spanish. But boy could he make us smile. He was goofy and had a young spirit. He was mild mannered and loved the children. He woke them up with kisses in bed most mornings, and it was his favorite thing to do...beside lizard hunting of course. We picked him up from boarding on Friday night, and he was so excited to be home running and jumping and unfortunately drinking and eating way too quickly. He got bloat and his stomach twisted. They tried to help at the emergency vet, and we hoped he would recover but he took a turn yesterday afternoon, and Aaron and I made the very hard decision that it was time. Over 13 years is a good run for a pup. He has no more pain, and we hold on to that. Rest easy Lukey Boo, we love you.

FBR0039 Buddy
Passed on 23 May 2021

Buddy came into the rescue from a shelter in GA. We had a pilot with Pilots & Paws fly up to bring Buddy down to us. He was such a happy boy and as soon as we treated him for heartworms, he found a loving family. He passed at 13 years old.

From his owners: He has brought us so many good times and memories and he was a big part of our children's childhood. We loved him so much and so did everyone that knew him, he was an awesome family member.

FBR0041 Burton - passed away while in our care -
From Florida Brittany Rescue: Burton came from a kill shelter in Alabama, left there by his owners to die along with another Brittany female. FBR was contacted by the shelter as they thought he had a chance at life still. We arranged a private plane to fly there and bring him down to Florida. Once vetted we were told he had severe dental issues that would require surgery to close of the holes in his gum line, but he needed to build up strength in order to survive the surgery. We tried everything to get him to eat but Burton knew it was his time to go and after 2 weeks he passed away quietly in his sleep.
FBR0042 Bailey
From Bailey's Family: Bailey was an owner-surrender who came to Florida Brittany Rescue at 13 years old. He was a very healthy male with a goofy grin, lots of energy and an endless appetite. Bailey was able to spend his final years running the Venice Dog Beach and his large, shady backyard. Bailey, or "Bailey Boo" as he was affectionately called, loved life and made friends everywhere he went. He died just before his 15th birthday. I still miss him every day, but am thankful for the time we had together.
FBR0043 Maddie
Passed on 23October2017

My Maddie was the sweetest soul I have ever met. She joined our Miami pack three years and eight months ago. She left us on October 23, 2017. Maddie was 15 years old. It’s amazing how our lives changed when Maddie joined our family. Everything became about her. Daily life takes its course and I didn’t notice just how much we adapted to make her happy, healthy, and safe. Maddie was a dancer! She danced for her meals, her treats, and whenever I came home! She was always excited, a heavy breather, and a noisy walker. Maddie was calm, loving, and accepting. Today our home feels so empty! In time we’ll create a new normal. I’m so happy she was in my life. I loved taking selfies with the Mad Hatter! A beautiful baby! She’s forever in my heart!

FBR0044 Woody
Passed on 16April2018

Woody (the former FBR044) crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He has been FBR's Mr. July in both our 2017 & 2018 calendars. He had an amazing life traveling the USA with his pack of fur buddies and enjoying his pool in Punta Gorda, FL. Over the years we saw Woody at many of our FBR fund raisers and when his owner got sick few years ago, we got this sweet update on him: "Woody is the most intelligent Brittany that has owned us. He is number 9. When the home nurse comes, he sits by Gene and watches everything she does. He will not leave Gene's side until she leaves. Sometimes she must step over him to get to Gene. He is an amazing boy. He is loved."

From Woody's Family: "Our beloved Woody left us on Monday, April 16. He was a wonderful part of our family for 4 years. We miss him every day and are grateful for the 4 years that he enriched our lives. Thank you for sharing this extraordinary dog with our family."

Run Pain Free Woody and stay away from those alligators!

FBR0049 Ryleigh
Passed on 10-18-2021 From her owner:

Ryleigh 🌈💗🌈💗 10.18.13-12.18.21 I had to make a selfless decision for your joy and peace but truly my sorrow-when I don’t watch over you but you watch over us. -you are at peace and running free, but the only thing running here are my tears. -all the wonderful memories we made together helps me get through each day that you are not with us. -You are no longer by my side, but FOREVER in my HEART…I LOVE YOU, Ryleigh. You were truly my sweet baby girl! 💗

FBR0051 Hazel
“Forever isn’t long enough” is so true when we write about the recent passing of Hazel, who crossed the bridge on November 30th, 2016 after a long battle with liver disease and the complications from it. Hazel was a stoic girl who endured a lot until she found the perfect forever home in May 2014. Hazel learned how to be a beloved member of the family, how to accept love and give love, how to play with other dogs and toys. She especially loved the freedom she had in her forever home, with its doggy door which led to her beautiful and safe fenced-in yard, where she could hunt and play until her heart was content. Hazel touched so many lives and made an impression on her owners' souls. Run pain free Sweet Girl. You were loved.
FBR0053 Bella
Passed on 22 June 2020

Bella was a beautiful Brittany who came into our rescue when her owner passed away, the surviving wife said could not handle Bella's needs any longer. She was a gorgeous healthy 8 year old at the time. She also had a sidekick Brittany his name was Blue and he too came into the rescue. What a pair they were. At first we thought we would separate them and let them adopt out. But, just when we had found two separate homes we got a call from a nice man who said he and his wife wanted both Bella & Blue, so we had a Double Adoption. Bella had 6 great years in her forever home and she died at 14 years old from complications of old age. Run pain free Bella your owners loved you very much.

FBR0055 Ruger
Passed on 21 January 2023

Goodbye to another dear FBR Alumni Ruger..he was our special honorary Brittany, who stayed engaged with us over the last 8 years since his adoption. His travels were vast and he rolled with it like a pro! We are sorry he lost his short battle with cancer at the prime of his life. If only love could have made him better.

From his owners: Our hearts are completely shattered 💔 We had to say goodbye to our sweet Ruger yesterday so suddenly at 9 years young. Cancer came about fast and we acted as quickly as possible and didn’t give up the fight, doing everything we could for our sweet boy 🙏🏻 We spent our last day and night with him snuggling him every moment and comforting him with so much love. We are incredibly grateful for the immense outpouring of love and prayers over the past few whirlwind of days. So many people have reached out to me about how much happiness our pictures of our adventures around America with our dogs have made them, and we’re so glad Ruger could spread happiness to all of you along with us. It is undeniable that he had a special soul that touched all who knew him. Our dogs are our babies, our hearts are so heavy, and I don’t think I’ve ever cried so deeply in my life 😭💔 Ruger has had such an over the top amazing life moving around the country with us after we adopted him in Florida from @floridabrittanyrescue and spent our days at the beach, to our move to Washington, where we hiked mountains and welcomed our first baby boy, to our move to North Carolina, where we spent our days enjoying our yard and spending time together as a family. He was the best brother to our Piper and we’re so glad she picked him to join our family. We are blessed that he was able to snuggle our new baby boy in my belly, but are crushed that he won’t be here to greet him into our family. I could say a million more things. Rest easy, our sweet Ruger dog. 😇🐕🌈 You are loved and missed more than we can ever express and loving you so hard was such a blessing. You made our lives so incredibly happy, adventurous, and full of beautiful happy memories .

FBR0057 Hoss
Passed on 9 April 2020

We were so sad to hear about the passing of Hoss at the age of 12. He adopted in his prime at 6 years old and boy was he ever loved. His owners drove 16 hours round trip to come to FBR headquarters to meet him. It was a beautiful adoption! Hoss was a famous boy in Niceville, FL he even had his own beach called "Hoss' Pointe" He enjoyed boating with his family and snuggling his older fur brother Rusty. Hoss died from an inoperative tumor on his heart. From his owner:

"Today we said goodbye to Hoss. Our hearts are absolutely broken 💔 The boat just won’t be the same without our boy."

FBR0060 Charlie
Passed January 2016

Charlie was an owner-surrender by the adult children of Charlie's previous owners (their father died and their mother went to live with family out of state). He arrived at FBR frightened and 20 lbs overweight. It took 4 months before the right forever home came for Charlie. They actually came to Myakka to see another adoptable dog in our care and fell in love with Charlie, as did Wyatt, their young 1 year old was so beautiful to watch how bonded they became in just one meeting. Charlie got into excellent shape with his new owners, and they loved him very much, even celebrating his 8th birthday this past November (2015) with party hats and doggy cake. So it was with heavy hearts when we learned that Charlie's life ended suddenly due to an aggressive form of cancer, which he seemed to have bravely hidden from all the diagnostic testing he underwent. A dog's life is short, and it doesn't matter how long we have them: it's just never long enough. One thing for sure...we know Charlie's last year with his forever family was most likely the best year he ever had. His little brother Wyatt learned how to be a good boy with Charlie's watchful eye. Run pain-free, sweet Charlie...we will miss you.

From Charlie's family: "Our souls ache, but we know that he is in a much better place."

FBR0061 Gunny
Passed on 12 June 2020

Gunny came into the rescue as an owner surrender. He had terrible thunderstorm anxiety and arrived with two broken canines as a result of his neglect. Thankfully, life did get better the 2nd time around. Gunny was one of those incredible good looking Brittanys who just made your heart melt when you met him. He adopted into a wonderful forever home and had almost 5 happy years with them. He spent a lot of time vacationing at FBR headquarters and loved the Myakka Pack, he always made himself at home when he visited.

From his owners: I’m sad to let you know Gunny has passed over the rainbow bridge. He would have been 13 in the Fall. In January, he was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. The past several months, he went downhill very quickly. He was sleeping 22 hours/day, always panting, and I could only walk him a very short distance down the street, 2-3 houses away. We consulted with the vet several times, and decided it was in Gunny’s best interests to let him go. We are totally devastated right now, and have such a void. He was such an integral part of our family. He was a very happy, good natured and loving dog. We feel we were very blessed to have been so fortunate to have such a great dog, even if it was only 5 years. Thank you for letting us adopt him and, of course, for all your selfless dog sitting and loving care over the years. Lovingly, Pat and Dick

FBR0062 Jessie
Passed 11-15-21

Jessie was a retired breeding dog that was rehomed. Then, the new owners couldn’t keep her safe, so they reached out to Florida Brittany Rescue for help. She had just turned 8 years old, and we found her to be one very agile, athletic girl. She definitely needed to find a home where she had room to run and explore. It didn’t take to long for Jessie to find her forever home, a 20 acre farm in Northern Florida with a Brittany savvy couple and 2 other nice Brittanys. So yes, Jessie found heaven 7 years ago at the Sharkey-Tillman farm! We are so happy you had a long fulfilling life, country life can be so good for this breed.

From her owner:

"Our sweet Jessie died peacefully in her sleep laying on her favorite bed. She was 15 1/2 years old. She was a treasure and lived a good long life."

FBR0063 Jake
Passed 21May2018

From Florida Brittany Rescue: Our dear alumni Jake (former FBR0063) crossed over the rainbow bridge this week at 12 years old. He had 2 very happy years with his owner as an only dog. In his care he was very spoiled and so very loved.

From Jake's Family: Jake was doing fine until this morning and just stood still. That certainly was not normal so I took him to the vet. They did an x-ray and found a tumor larger than a grapefruit on his spleen. They thought with his age and condition an operation was not in the cards. Well he went fast and for that I am grateful. Thank you for giving him to me.

Run pain free sweet boy!

FBR0065 Pinto
Passed on 2 April 2020

Pinto came to FBR as an owner surrender at the age of 7, he was an amazingly handsome fast agile boy. He could retrieve a ball on land and water! He adopted soon after he arrived and then after a few years in Florida his family relocated to New Mexico. It was a big change for Pinto going from below sea level in FL to mountain elevations, but he endured the climate change and all the snow! He had many happy traveling adventures with his humans and even appeared in FBR's 2018 Calendar as a December pin up! Pinto died of old age at 13. Run free dear Pinto hope you have an orange ball to play with in heaven.

FBR0069 Ladybug
From FBR: Earlier this month Ladybug crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully in her owner's arms. Reading the warm tribute below makes her rescue all the more special. Run pain free Pretty Lady.

From Ladybug's Family: On Thursday, 6/7/2018, I had to help my friend Ladybug leave her body. She wasn't really “in pain” or “suffering,” but it was time. The pain that comes with extreme arthritis was managed with pain medication. She didn't have a terminal illness, but had been very slowly deteriorating in her old age. We didn't really know for sure how old she was when she came to Florida Brittany Rescue, but my vet thought she was already 12-13 years old. That was 3 years and 3 months ago.

Until Thursday she could get to her feet on her own, with difficulty, and hobble around. She often reminded me of myself first thing in the morning -- it takes a lot more effort than in our youth, but it can be done. Is that suffering? My teenage self might think so, but that's how it goes when you get older. We learn to accept it, and adapt. But on Thursday she looked at me with a look that said, “I'm done. I'm worn out. It's time to move on.” It was in her eyes. Even with assistance she couldn't stay on her feet. It was time, and she needed help.

When Ladybug came to us 3 years ago, she was extremely thin, had bleeding gums, and an ear infection. We had to have 4 teeth extracted and cure the ear infection. In the next few months her appetite and energy level improved, and she came back to life and became a happy, sweet, gentle senior dog with incredibly soft fur.

I was supposed to be her foster dad, but when it came time to find her a forever home, I couldn't let her go. She had too many special needs and was already a good fit with Katie and Abby. And so, I kept her. Ladybug lived the quiet life of a senior dog alongside her little sisters, Katie and Abby. Katie and Abby were always very gentle with Ladybug.

We learn a lot from our dogs, and I probably learned more from Ladybug than from any of my previous five dogs. From Ladybug, I learned patience. Not just regular patience, but world class patience. I often said she was like a radio-controlled dog, and that someone up above was messing with me by constantly moving her to the exact place I needed to be. I had to adapt to her. She was the old lady, and I just had to be patient and kind. Those are good personality muscles to develop, and I know I'm a much better person for having had Ladybug in my life. She prepared me for this past year in my mom's life after my dad died in February 2017, and to understand the day-to-day challenges of being elderly.

Because she had the most amazing talent to be constantly underfoot, or to block whatever path I needed to take, I just had to laugh and find the humor. Because I had to constantly watch where I stepped, I still find myself looking out for her, and missing her 100 times a day. I know that habit will pass, but for now, I miss her often.

Below was the little ditty that I'd quietly sing to her when we were cuddling, or when I wanted her to feel at ease and not be stressed out from her occasional elderly confusion. It was also what I sang to her as she was receiving the shot that ended her life.

The Buggy Boo Song

“You're my boo-boo, my buggy-buggy-boo-boo. My little boo-boo, my buggy-buggy-boo-boo.”

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” -Winnie the Pooh.

FBR0071 Charlotte
Passed on 10-28-17

From FBR: Charlotte was an owner surrender, who was neglected, arriving with heart worms, fecal worms and urinary infection. She also had broken and worn down teeth from years of trying to escape from an outdoor kennel. She suffered from severe storm anxiety. She was a special needs dog who needed the right owner to come along with little away time. On Aug 15, 2015, that day happened, and boy, did she ever find the perfect owners! She was a regular at FBR headquarters as we promised to pet sit for her whenever her very special owners went away. She was a sweet mothering dog to all the young pups that passed through FBR while she was here, and we will always love how kind she was to Cracker. She taught all the young ones a thing or two about hunting lizards and squirrels. She died too soon. We estimate her age at 10 1/2.

From Charlotte's Family: Bill and I were able to give this sweet, gentle 8 yr old lady a loving, comfortable and safe home with plenty of squirrels and lizards to hunt, sweet grass to stretch out on, shaded sand to dig and lie in, and soft beds in her favorite rooms. But she gave us so much more in the 2 years she shared with us and we treasure those memories. Even strangers commented on how beautiful she was but they couldn't see her beautiful, loving and appreciative soul like we could. Sweet Charlotte, you crossed the Rainbow Bridge too soon but are now pain (and thunderstorm) free. Rest in Peace, you will be in our hearts forever.

FBR0072 Curry
Passed 27 June 2023

We are so sad to write about the passing of Curry, she was a very special rescue. She struggled the last couple of months of her life with age related issues; we believe she was between 14-15 years old. Her early days we do not think were good; it was a blessing she ended up at a shelter and that no one came looking. Our good volunteers in Niceville, FL drove all the way to Milton, FL to spring her out of jail. It took us a few months to find the right home for Curry, but boy when we did, she sure hit the jackpot! She had a loving and fulfilling life. Run Pain Free dear girl.

From her owners:

"Oh little Curry your momma’s sweetest girl, Oh little Curry you brighten up my world, Oh little Curry mom and daddy love you. I sang this to Curry everyday. Tuesday June 27th we had to say goodbye. I love you little girl with all my heart! Thank you for 7+ years of happiness. You were my best friend and I will never forget you or stop singing to you."

FBR0073 Buddy
8-30-2005 to 6-28-2022

Our oldest known rescue!

Buddy arrived at FBR HQ in April 2015 as a stray from AL. His owner had passed and he was given by the family to a man who abused Buddy, and made him aggressive with other male dogs. Thankfully, Buddy ran away and was picked up by animal control. The bad man didn't want Buddy anymore who was now 10 years old! Poor Buddy, when he arrived at FBR we found out he was heartworm positive. From his chip we were able to speak his original owner and she told us his DOB and his sad history.

His adoption took about one year to get it right, and it wasn't a typical adoption, it was a plea for help to get Buddy out of a home that wasn't working out. Well, to know Buddy was to love Buddy and he found his way into the hearts of this most amazing family for 6 years!

From his owners:

This week we had to say goodbye to a family member. Buddy was a rescue of rescues that was going to stay with us until we can arrange transportation back to FBR. Well after they first night and sleeping with Rian and fitting in so well we knew he had found his forever home. He wasn’t supposed to live a year because of health problems, well over six years later and the oldest dog in FBR history we made the decision that he had the ultimate of quality and he was done. His boy (Rian) was there holding him when he had his chocolate bar and crossed the rainbow bridge in peace. We are thankful for the time we had with him and the memories we got to make with him. Mostly we are thankful for the love he gave us and lessons in determination and perseverance he taught us. He was a great dog and companion and will be greatly missed (but not his shenanigans). We love you, Buddy. Play nice with the girls and run without pain like a puppy. Missing you already.

FBR0075 Louie

Passed 22 March 2024

Louie came into our rescue as a failed hunting dog but he was a fantastic family dog. During his 9 loved years he was able to watch the little ones in his home grow up into teenagers. Louie was loved.

From his owners

"We are broken. We loved him so much and feel like it came out of nowhere. It was pancreatic cancer not just inflamed and his liver was shutting down. He was in pain.. We moved him to a specialist hospital"

FBR0076 Floyd
Passed on 10June2017

We are all so incredibly saddened here at FBR to learn that one of our own, Floyd (former FBR0076), a sweet and gentle soul, passed away peacefully in his sleep this past Saturday. He had almost 2 years with his forever family which were filled with great times, enormous love and lots of belly rubs. Just as Floyd's last couple of years were so wonderful, his early ones were as dreadful. He was a stray in Ocala, FL, living in the woods along a remote road known by the locals for dog dumping. A Good Samaritan saw him while she was driving to work one morning, noticing that he would run down to the road from the woods every time he heard a car or truck approach, in hopes, we suspect, that his owners were returning for him. On May 28th 2015, his life changed course because on her way home for lunch, this same dog ran straight down to her SUV. She stopped, opened the door, and Floyd jumped right in, so happy, grinning from ear to ear. He was in terrible condition and very sick, but after 3 months in foster care under strict medical supervision, he rebounded back to health, eager for his next adventure: finding his perfect forever home! Floyd adopted into a family whose members treasured him beyond measure. He was the first dog this family ever had, and from the youngest to the oldest, they were truly besotted with him.

From his family: "He loved his little panda and unicorn stuffed animals. He had what we called his "spot" under our grand piano. It was his safe place where he would collect all the stuffed animals from around the house and pile them there. He would lay among them like a king! When Miles (our youngest) was still really little, Floyd would steal his pink frosted donut right out of his hand, so we used to say that Floyd loved Dunkin' Donuts! We are all very devastated right now, as this was totally unexpected. We gave him a proper burial in our backyard. The kids have been taking it really hard, especially our 7 year old who was literally Floyd's best friend. Please keep us in your prayers as the next few months are going to be very difficult. Floyd was such a good boy. He loved to follow everyone around. He loved to run around the yard and provided so much happiness and laughter in the short time he was with us. We would love to rescue another Brittany once we have recovered from our loss." - Tracy, Jeff, Jude, Kate and Miles

FBR0081 Josie
Passed on 16February2018

From Florida Brittany Rescue: Josie was dumped at a shelter by her breeder after she was of no use anymore. She came into our rescue Early October 2015 at 8 1/2 years old and weighed 68 lbs. It took 3 months to get her down to 40 lbs so we could then spay her and start looking for her forever home. In January 2016 she hit the jackpot when she found her way onto Jacqueline's lap. She had two good years of devoted love and happiness, and we are so sad it couldn't have been longer. Run pain free sweet Josie.

From Josie's Family: Josie passed away after suffering many medical problems in the past few months that caused her severe anemia and tremors that caused her to struggle to walk. Josie, AKA Gladys, AKA Chigger, came into Florida Brittany Rescue from Georgia, through the efforts of many volunteers. Josie was a sweet Brittany who just loved all people. She also had an appetite that was never satisfied. While other Brittany’s hunted squirrels, birds or other small animals, Josie hunted something to eat. Josie was the best Cuddlier ever and would snuggle every night before returning to her beloved crate. With the crate door always open, she responded to the morning alarm by running and jumping on the bed to cuddle some more before a walk and breakfast. The end was peaceful as she passed away in my arms, watching me the entire time. She was well loved and will be missed by many.

FBR0082 Amber
Passed 16 May 2021

Amber came to our rescue from GA. Her breeder dumped her at a shelter there when she wasn't of use to him anymore. She was the most gorgeous roan Brittany and not long after she arrived she adopted into a nice family that enjoyed her for 6 years.

From her owners: We said goodbye to our lovable Amber on Friday. She passed on our RV trip but I’m glad she had one final night enjoying an adventure. We will remember her in her younger days as crazy Amber (Cramber) who would do high speed circles around the yard, bring us squirrels or birds, or run full speed into the door when it was time for a walk. This one was an escape artist and would bolt for any open door or gate. I hope she knows how truly loved she was. She had a ❤️ shape on the top of her head because she was so full of love. I miss her like crazy 💔

FBR0087 Joe
Passed 7-29-21

At 8 years old, Joe came into our rescue when a hunting planation in northern FL went out of business. He only knew the kennel life, his eyes were in a bad way after years being kept in the Florida sunshine. He was taken to see an ophthalmologist, but he could not be cured. With this in mind, his foster mom still fell in love with him and decided it was best for Joe to live out his years with her. She had a nice set up for Joe in the countryside with other nice Brittanys in the home. When Joe became totally blind at 10 years old, he was kept safe and had a totally of 7 ½ years of love in his forever home, most likely the happiest time in his life.

FBR0088 Buttons
Passed on 12August2017

Buttons has crossed over the rainbow bridge. He had a brain disorder that medications could no longer control. He was loved dearly by his people and they nurtured and cared for him. He was known in his home as the " guitar dog" because he loved to lay on his owner's lap and have him play the guitar on his belly. Run pain free sweet Buttons, you were loved.

From his family: "Buttons was a perfect gentleman in every way except for when the signals from his brain were wrong. He was loved no matter what happened but love just couldn't fix the problem. My heart is still broken 💔"

FBR0093 Jag
On 20.Sep.2016, our rescue lost one of the best-natured Brittanys ever; his name was Jag. He was a very handsome 5 year old owner-surrender that came in with his litter mates Coco Joe (fka Feather) and Poppy, as well as his sister, Nina, from another litter. Jag adopted quickly and settled into a home that loved him dearly. He had a best bud, a young 9 year old boy with whom he played retrieving, and went boating, fishing and camping. Jag began to have issues with urinary incontinence, and after several weeks of trying to treat him; we all agreed he needed to come back to FBR for further diagnostics and treatment. Initially he did well, and we thought he was on the mend; but then he just stopped eating and couldn't tolerate the medications needed to cure the kidney infection. We all tried so hard to save this lovely boy. The necropsy revealed Jag had been born with only one kidney, which was full of infection. Our vet assured us there was no way we could have known, he never showed us his symptoms until it was too late. Run pain free sweet Jag, you were loved and those who you touched will never forget you.
FBR0094 Coco Joe
Passed on 1-13-2022

Coco Joe came into FBR with 2 other littermates and one extended Littermate. All of the dogs suffered from neglect, but Coco Joe suffered the most. He was such a strong boy who stood up. We were so happy he found a quiet loving home to spend the last 5 years, surely his very best years too. Run Pain free boy, Jag will keep you company.

from his owner:

Coco Joseph 5/21/2011- 1/13/2022 12:10pm Pancreatic Cancer If only they could fix it. We were definitely not expecting this loss. He was only 10♥️

FBR0099 Woody
Passed on 14August2016

Every dog has its own story on how he or she came into rescue. In Woody's case his original owner passed away. A rescue in Ohio, run by prison inmates, took him in and made him adoptable again. A young man in Florida saw his post and arranged to adopt him, and he had a loving home for almost 2 years. His owner needed to leave the country and could not take Woody with him, so he contacted Florida Brittany Rescue. Woody became FBR0099: he was a big field Brittany weighing in at 64 lbs! We had his hernia repaired, and he had his first dental ever which resulted in 6 extractions. The stars were perfectly aligned for Woody as we didn't have to look long to find him his new forever home, and he adopted immediately. Woody lost his life to a fast-growing cancer, you know the ones undetectable by blood work. The mass covered his spleen, and he could suddenly no longer eat and was in a lot of pain.

From Woody's Family: "Woody, we promised you a forever home, and you got it sweet boy. So grateful for having you the last two months. You will be remembered for galloping (not running) through the house, playing chase with your toys, your love of blueberries and apples, your head lying on our laps, being so kind and understanding of Crockett, your gentle way, your head held high in your walks. You were loved, sweet boy, and you are missed."

FBR0100 Daphne
Passed on 6 March 2020

Daphne arrived into the rescue as a stray from AL, she was afraid of most dogs but loved her people! She came to every FBR party and fund raiser and was loved everyday by her owners. No time is every long enough and Daphne will be missed.

FBR0109 Gordie

Passed 12-16-2023

Such sad news this week, hearing that one of our dear alumni Gordie has crossed the rainbow bridge at 13 years old.

He was an amazing example of the well-known Brittany resilience.He came out of a bankrupt hunt camp with 28 other hunting dogs in Caloosa County, FL in September 2016. Each dog pulled from the camp was heartworm positive and in a terrible criminal state of neglect. Four months in rescue, fixed most of his health concerns, then after a failed adoption, his foster mom of many months adopted him in March 2017. It was truly such a happy day here at FBRHQ. It’s rescues like these that motivate us all to continue rescue work, we are so happy Gordie had the Best home that adored him for 7 years.

From his owner:

My sweet, beautiful Gordie traded his wheels for angel wings today, and flew over that rainbow bridge 💔. He was ready to be free of his broken body. I love you so much little man, RIP Gordie.

FBR0115 Ruby
Passed on 27 May 2020

We learned that we lost another sweet little FBR alumni last month. Her name was Ruby. She had the very best 3 years in a wonderful home enjoying life and being loved everyday. She was even the meet and greet mascot at the store her owner owned. Everyone that met her loved her. Ruby (FBR0115) arrived into our rescue just days before Christmas. Our volunteer dropped everything to pull her from Miami-Dade Animal Control. She named her Noel. It was hard to even know if she was a Brittany because she had very little hair. I included one of her intake photos for you all to see how beautifully she transformed while in the care of our two wonderful foster homes. From her owner: "Ruby brought so much joy to single me and soon thereafter to my new husband and 2 wonderful kids. She was the first dog the younger child had in his home. The older child was her favorite - sleeping in her room until she fell asleep and then to our room. Thank you for all you do to provide homes for these furry members of families! She was diagnosed with bone cancer in a mammary gland in January. She crossed the rainbow bridge Wednesday, May 27 with my husband and myself along with the most compassionate of staff with her. I donated a small amount in her honor to you recently and please keep posting when you need support. I’ll never be able to give back what she gave us though 🙂 Here are a few pics of our precious Ruby, Rubes, Ruby-Doo, R-Dizzle. (Your Noel after being rescued at Christmas). The last photo is from “Gotcha Day” after Sue Funk took such good care of her so she could brighten our lives! "

FBR0117 Duke
Passed 10-17-21

Duke came into the Rescue as an owner surrender, he was 10 years old. Like so many Brittanys, he was a pretty resilient boy and adjusted fast to the change. He was smart, loved the outdoors and long walk, so adopted fast. His owners told us proudly that he was so well behaved he was allowed to go to work at the golf club, a real part of the social seen at the club, and even allowed into the clubhouse with the boys! He had 4 ½ years in this loving home and passed at 15 ½. We will miss hearing your stories Duke, you were such a good boy.

From his owners:

"I’m sad to report that Duke has passed. We had to put him down as he was in too much daily pain. We will miss him greatly, he was the perfect dog. Now the house seems so empty without him. Thanks to you for allowing us to send these years with him. Best dog I ever had.”

FBR0118 Rusty
Passed 10 June 2022

Rusty at 10 years old, found himself in a shelter in AL and needed the help. Our volunteer agreed to make the long drive to pick him up. He was only meant to overnight, then transport down to FBR HQ, but something just happened when Rusty met the resident Brittany Hoss, who had severe separation anxiety; Rusty was the calming companion Hoss needed.

From his owners: Russell James Riccio 12/19/2006-06/10/2022

Rest peacefully our sweet Roo. You came to us after an insurmountable loss that left a hole in our hearts. You filled that hole with love and laughter. It’s hard to believe you were only with us for 5 years. It seems like a lifetime. Your sweet smile and love for chicken will never be forgotten. Thank for always being my ride or die and Daddy’s faithful conference call companion. The wonderful memories of our times on the boat, hanging out at Hoss’ Point and backyard BBQ's will help us to heal. My only regret was I didn’t find you sooner so I could love you longer. Run free with Hoss and Moose. You are forever in our hearts. Russell James Riccio 12/19/2006-06/10/2022

FBR0124 Rosie - passed away while in our care -
Passed on 13May2017

From Florida Brittany Rescue: We very sadly had to let our sweet little rescue, Rosie go on Saturday. She had 32 days of love, good food and comfort. Thankfully, she didn't die along the side of the highway where she was found as a stray. We are guessing that Rosie was around 10 years of age and lived a very hard life as an outdoor kennel dog. All the telltales signs were there: broken teeth, incisors gnawed down to the gum line, deaf and eyes cloudy from living outdoors under the harsh sun. She clearly had had no veterinary care as she was heart worm positive and had mammary tumors so deep that surgery was not an option for her. Our loving fosters who found Rosie did all they could to get her strength up for heart worm treatment and dental work and to give her a chance at a good life, but there were too many health issues for Rosie to overcome, and she declined very quickly at the end, much to our surprise and sadness. Rosie had such a sweet and trusting disposition despite her mistreatment, and so true to the Brittany breed, she wanted to please her pack -- she helped the resident dog, who is blind, around the property. We can't thank our volunteers enough for all they did to make her last days the best days she could have had. And we also thank Dr. Laura for making her passing a serene one. Run pain free, sweet Rosie girl, you were loved.

FBR0128 Jimmy
Passed on 9-23-21

Jimmy Stone was just an amazing family dog. He was adopted 4 ½ years ago into a fun, loving, happy home and loved all the hustle and bustle this young family offered. He will always be known for his morning routine of swimming laps in the family pool and then sunning himself dry.

A few months ago, he started losing weight and showed no interest in eating and drinking. Specialists at the UF Veterinary hospital diagnosed him with a rare form of renal cancer. Sadly, at 7 ½ years old he lost his battle.

All of us at Florida Brittany Rescue are honored that you appeared in our calendar for 2 years running, we wish you could have been a pin up in more because you were so darn handsome!

Run pain-free Jimmy, you were definitely loved.

FBR0140 Ed
Passed on 13April2018

Last Friday we had to say goodbye to ED (FBR0140) after only 4 months in our Forever Foster Home Program and just 2 weeks shy of his 13th birthday. Ed and his son Domino came into our rescue a few days before Christmas last year, and we nursed them both back to good health. Domino was able to find a forever home, but Ed had some health concerns that made him unadoptable. With the help of our great Brittany network, we were able to find Ed a nice, quiet home to spend what remaining time he had left. Ed's original owner bought him as a puppy, and Ed was a working dog in his youth. His nose was just amazing; we can only imagine what it was like in his prime! His nick name was “Special Ed”, and he certainly was a special boy to all of us at Florida Brittany Rescue…he touched so many of our lives in the short time we had him, and we are thankful that, with the help of all our supporters, we were able to give him some happy months in our care. When Ed’s breathing became labored during walks and then during times of rest, he went to the vet where chest films showed that he had a tumor pushing against his trachea making it very difficult for him to breathe without oxygen. Special Ed, you were loved by many, your coat was silky smooth and your eyes were trusting and soft, I wish your retirement could have been longer in Florida. You are missed. Run Pain Free boy.

FBR0141 Dom
A sad goodbye to Dom (former FBR0141). He had a great retirement life in his forever home in Florida and was very loved. We only wish he could have come into our rescue sooner. Run Pain-Free sweet boy, you were a good boy.

From his owners:

"On October 6, 2021 we had to say goodbye to our dear sweet Dominic. He joined our family as a 10-year-old senior, and we celebrated his 14th birthday in August. Dom loved everything but loved treats and people the most. At the dog park, he would greet all the owners and ignore the dogs! We are so happy we could give him a safe, comfortable, and loving forever home. We will miss his expressive eyes, soft coat, gentle nudges, constant presence and goofy ways. He was a Good Boy and will be in our hearts forever."

FBR0154 Caleb

Passed 1-10-2024

Caleb was surrendered at 10 years old to a small rural shelter in LA. We had a volunteer nearby that went to the shelter on our behalf to pull Caleb out. After getting him home he just fell in love with Caleb and asked if he could adopt him.

Caleb had 7 good years in his forever home.

From his owner:

He had declining health over the last year, the last month was really bad. I generally keep them going so long as they're eating and ambulatory. Caleb was diagnosed with a heart condition about 3 years ago, which progressively became worse."

FBR0157 Nova
Passed on 6 January 2021

On Wednesday we had to say goodbye to our dear foster dog Nova.

Boy, this loss sure has been a hard one to accept. Nova arrived broken and very sick, as her caregivers we put a lot of time into helping her in hopes one day she'd become adoptable. After 6 months of trying we determined Nova had too much damage in her little body and that she needed to stay on as a Forever Foster at Florida Brittany Rescue. She had 2 1/2 years with us and it was kidney failure that took her. Steve & I both became so close to this once very unsocialized dog. If she could talk I am sure she'd tell her story, the signs of her abuse were just all over her body. But, her spirit was never broken! She saw us as her protectors and she never wanted us out of her sight. The outdoors were her absolute happy place. Steve couldn't start up the tractor without Nova's ears perking up and tail wagging and off she went to find him. She was so very brave, this year an aggressive deer charged at her from a distance as she drank from our pond, she turned around started barking at that deer chasing it right off her property.

Nova was there every step of the way supervising Steve and the workers who came onto the property to build our outbuilding. It's sad she never got to see it completed.

A good friend wrote this "Chase those lizards over the rainbow sweet Nova" and it was just the perfect words for a dog that loved working until her little body could no longer.

FBR0158 Copper
6-23-12 to 7-15-23

We learned that Copper passed at 12 years old.

She adopted into a wonderful home 5 years ago where she was loved and spoiled every single day. Her owner always checked in with us and posted such adorable holiday photos. There is never a good time to loose your best friend. Run pain free sweet Copper.

From her owner: So sorry to tell you that Copper passed on Saturday..she had a liver disease that mimicked all the symptoms of Cushings, for which she tested negative in January. Needless to say, our hearts are broken after losing our sweet, lovely girl. Linda & Roy

FBR0159 Belle
Passed on 27 July 2022

Belle came into our rescue when she retired from breeding. She had the sweetest temperament and adopted fast in August 2018.

From her Owner: I just wanted to tell you that I had Belle put down today. Her neurological problems became more acute. I could take her out, but then she wouldn't move unless I pulled her. Not good. I had 3 plus great years with her. What a blessing.

A few months ago: She is definitely my huntress. Many -a-morning when I walk her we find a bunny rabbit chomping on some grass. Bell goes into her hunting stance ans boy does that rabbit run.

FBR0168 Charlie

Passed 22 June 2022

Charlie came into our rescue very sick with advanced heartworm, but he was strong and made it through treatment and recovered well. He adopted with his rescue intake partner Luci and had 4 good years in his forever home. Charlie was loved.

From his owner:

Poor Charlie developed an enlarged heart and his lungs filled with fluid. He was on medication for awhile but became unable to walk more than a few feet. He passed peacefully at the vets. We have his ashes.

FBR0169 Pumpkin

passed 1-22-24

Pumpkin had 6 wonderful years living her best life with her littermate sister Stella. They spent their days hunting for lizard, birds and iguanas. She started having seizures starting in September 2023, and they progressively got worse. When she had no quality of life, the hard decision was made to let her go. "She is a wonderful Brittany but it is time for her to rest."

FBR0173 Bailey
6-28-2008 - 9-14-2021

A sad goodbye to Bailey, the former FBR0173. She was a beautiful girl who found her way into our rescue after having lived 10 years with the same family.

It didn't take long for her to adopt into a nice home where she spent almost 3 years enjoying a good life, taking long walks and having a sweet fur brother named Brody to keep her company during her stressful times when alone.

Her new owner also had her recertified as a therapy dog and she worked with Tidewell Hospice before the Covid Pandemic hit.

Run pain-free sweet Bailey. You were loved by everyone that met you.

From her owners:

"This little lady went to heaven tonight. She was ready and let us know. As a rescue pup of 13 years plus, we only had 2.5 years with her, but they were her best years.”

FBR0179 Misty
Passed 29 March 2023

Sadly, we just learned that Misty passed away on Monday. Here at the rescue we called her the "Mystery Girl" because she was found one morning at a hunting plantation and no one knew who she was or how she got there. So we named her Misty. Our guess was she was a former very pretty breeding dog that was no longer of use. What a brave resilient girl she was too. Bone cancer didn't stop her, but then this year tumors started appearing on her breasts. Run Pain Free sweet girl.

From her owners: "Our little rescue passed Monday morning. She had been sick the past week but we were hopeful of a turnaround & recovery. We estimate she was about 10 years old and we had her the last 4 years. Bone cancer got one of her legs in 2020. She was such a sweet dog and we will miss her goofy habits. RIP Misty.

FBR0180 Sadie
Passed on 18 March 2020

Sweet Sadie came to FBR as a stray from AL. She had a gorgeous smile despite having a mouth full of broken worn down teeth. Her hunt drive has amazing and she wouldn't give up once she treed a squirrel. She adopted into a quiet home and was walked 3 times a day. Later it was discovered she had bladder cancer. When she lost her older sister Daphne she just gave up on fighting. You were loved and are so missed by your people.Run pain free Sadie.

FBR0182 Chico
Passed on 21 January 2021

Sadly, we lost our alumni Chico the former FBR0182. He came into our rescue at 10 years old a few weeks after his original & only owner before he came into rescue had passed away. He was such a handsome boy he adopted right away into a Brittany family and had 1 1/2 years of happiness with them, Chico loved the ladies! We are so sorry it couldn't be longer his adoptive mom loved him and cared for all his medical needs so beautifully. Run pain free over the Rainbow Bridge sweet Chico.

From Chico's owner:

"My heart is broken. Chico was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and end stage kidney disease. He lost 11 pounds in 4 months. He is now in heaven with his original owner meeting him at heavens gates. I only had the pleasure of being his Mom for a year and half. My two other Brittany’s Larkin, one of your rescues, and Lily, my Brittany I raised from a pup are missing him horribly.

FBR0189 Cocoa- Passed Away while in our care
Passed on 13 December 2019

We are so sad to report we had to say goodbye to the sweetest soul, our foster Cocoa FBR0189. She arrived 3 months ago into our rescue so scared and so skinny. It took nearly a week to get her to eat well or even take a treat from us. She was an owner surrender, after 8 years of owning her they just gave up on her and said to us its either our rescue or the pound. When Cocoa was first posted on Facebook there were many interested potential adopters. Just look at her she was just gorgeous, with the most beautiful Brittany trot and great hips! Initial intake lab work showed her to be healthy, but we had to keep going to figure out why she was so skinny, only after radiographs we saw the white spots on her lungs and that she had cancer. It was a hard to believe the diagnosis because Cocoa came back to life in her foster home, running, swimming, and hunting all the wildlife. She had such patience and determination. We are so happy we were able to give you 3 great months sweet girl; you were loved by all that met you and your sassy personality. Thank you to our supporters for being so generous to us with your donations, so we can at least try to help save dogs like Cocoa she was so worth it.

FBR0192 Quinn

Passed on 2-8-2024

Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to our Forever Foster Quinn. In July, he would have been 15. Quinn was in FBR's Forever Foster Program.

From his foster mom:

"We received Quinn in June 2021 as a forever foster. He had some challenges with other male dogs and needed a safe place where he could have some peace. While he and Buddy had a tense start, they quickly settled into a routine. The girls loved him, of course! Quinn loved his daily 2 mile walks and always enjoyed the smells around the farm. He was a good boy, though, and never chased our chickens. He was the best walking companion because he was always happy to walk at my pace. He had such a sweet disposition. He loved snuggles and took to sleeping on our bed - not a common occurrence in our house! He was a happy boy right to the very end. We consider ourselves very blessed to have been able to share his life with him, and we are grateful for his family for sharing him with us. We will love you forever, Quinn! Enjoy the time with Ginger, Star, Buddy, and Penny. ❤️"

FBR0195 Cassie
Passed on 7-29-2021

Cassie was a gorgeous French Brittany that found herself dumped outside of animal control when her breeders didn’t need her anymore. Classic not chipped, no collar. It was clear she had many litters. After her vet procedures to make her well again, she was adopted into a wonderful home. Her happiness lasted just over a year, and we are sure it was the first loving home she ever had. Then, during a routine exam, mammary gland cancer was discovered, a rare form that grew fast. Sadly, Cassie could not beat it. You were loved by all that met you, we wish you could have had more time.

From her owner:

"I wanted to let you know that Cassie crossed the rainbow bridge last night. She went very peacefully. My heart is broken. She did more for me than I could ever do for her. Thank you for all you did to bring us together."

FBR0221 Doc
Passed on 1-28-2022

Doc touched our hearts he arrived very sick with heartworms, and he spent a little over 2 months recovering from all his painful procedures. Historically he was also our first Brittany who christened the new FBR Kennel building. He was such a good tenant! Never once did he have an accident. He loved that building and riding on the side by side. We/FBR will never forget you dear Doc.

From his owners: It is with so much sadness that, I must tell you that we said goodbye to Doc yesterday. Even though we had him for only nine months, he managed to fill our hearts with so much joy. Simple things like walking him casually around the pond or the beach at Old Orchard, and seeing him so happy, will eventually give us comfort. He was loved. He was a good ole boy in a retirement state of mind like us and we loved him to pieces. Thank you and Steve for all that you did for Doc and for letting us adopt him. I will continue to support your efforts as I am amazed at all that you do for this breed.

FBR0225 Willow
Passed on on 13 January 2023

We have sad news that Willow crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Willow was a stray, a cast away for sure, in horrible condition, but with such soulful eyes, we knew she just might heal from her abuse. One 5-21-21, she arrived at FBRHQ. After 3 months of loads of love, and good vet care she became stable and adoptable. We worried a little here, wondering if she would find a forever home. But, boy did she..and it was spectacular! Goodbye sweet Willow. You left your pawprints on the hearts of so many who met you.

From her owners: I just wanted you to know that sweet Willow crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday afternoon. She was such a sweet little girl and I have been absolutely honored to be her mom for the past 18 months. She enjoyed every spoiled minute!! She Ruled!

FBR0230 Nellie

Passed on 2-28-24

Nellie came into our rescue as a stray. She was just the sweetest Brittany you'd ever want to meet. She made it through heartworm treatment and a spay and was adopted in November 2021. She passed away from mammary cancer.

From her owners:

A Sad day for us, we had to euthanize Nellie. Her tumor had grown back and she really couldn't walk at all anymore. Her hips and hind legs wouldn't support her. We didn't want her to live in pain anymore. Thank you so much for rescuing her and nursing her back to health for us. She was a wonderful pet and we are so sad that she is out of our lives now.

FBR0231 Isha

Passed 8-6-2023

Isha was a loving devoted Brittany. She arrived in our rescue heartworm positive and after she was treated for it, she adopted into a loving home in November 2021.

Isha died of heart failure and didn't suffer. from her owner:

"I give them a god life. She was a little more special"

FBR0233 Sam
Born 10-21-2016 - Passed 5-10-2023

We are just heartbroken to write that we had to say good bye to our Forever Foster Sam, his seizures became too much for his body to take. Sam was in our care for 17 months, he and his littermate Duke arrived on 10-14-21. His owner passed away the day after reaching out to FBR for help so very little was known about Sam. We believe he was born with most of his issues. When his brother Duke adopted, we thought it would set Sam back but it didn’t he showed us what a strong resilient personality he had; it just took a little longer for Sam to grasp the basics.

Sam had a great following of supporters who helped us try to make him available to adopt. But, after a year of trying we decided to let Sam be who he was and in October 2022 we made him our Forever Foster. It was about this time we saw him have his 1st seizure. Sam had an unpredictable personality, but he loved most of the dogs that passed through FBHQ, especially the little puppies. Every morning was a new day for Sam and we just loved that about him.

We know Sam is at peace now and running in another type of Brittany Heaven with all the good Brittanys that passed before him.

We just wish you had more time Sammy Bones!

FBR0237 Tucker

passed on 17 August 2022

Tucker came into our rescue as a transfer from our rescue partner, he adopted by them to a home in New England then he moved to Florida to retire with his owners. When his owner fell and could no longer walk or care for Tucker she reached out for help to rehome him.

After a few months at our rescue, we were able to get him back into mental and physical shape and found him truly his best home ever that loved and cared for him! Last month he was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. He was doing well for a while then sadly he took a turn for the worse. He passed just shy of his 11th birthday.

From his owner:

Our sweet Tucker crossed the rainbow bridge today; we didn't have him long but loved him dearly.

FBR0243 Lucy

RIP Lucy

3/20/02 - 8/31/23

A sad goodbye to our sweet Forever Foster Lucy.

She was an amazing survivor, born with a terrible heart condition, on expensive medications her entire life, she made it to 14 years 5 months! Born not far from FBRHQ, we learned that the entire litter was born with the heart condition as well. She came into our rescue in February 2022 when her owner went into assisted living. She had a 5/6 heart murmur and with medications, love and care given to her by her wonderful foster mom Andrea, she had 18 months more of happy times. Her favorite things in life were meal times, treats and spa days, she was a little princess. We also want to thank her fur brothers and sisters who made her feel welcome in their home right from the start.

Finally, a big thank you to all our supporters of our Forever Fosters, your donations we were able to give Lucy everything she needed until the end.

From her foster mom: Our hospice foster, Lucy, had to cross the 🌈 bridge this afternoon. She was the best good girl this past year and a half. Run fast and healthy sweet girl. 💔