Our beautiful Brittanys dogs who have passed.
FBR0014 Franny - passed away while in our care -
From Florida Brittany Rescue: Franny was rescued from a nice man in Pasco County FL when he was told by a UPS driver about a Brittany he saw on his route living in deplorable conditions outside in the cold and rain. That night he went to the home and the owners were happy to be rid of the dog they called an escape artist. Once at the vet he learned Franny was very sick: heart worm positive, fecal worm positive, pneumonia, and almost every tooth in her mouth had been broken from chewing on the chain that tied her down. After several weeks of getting her over the pneumonia, he then reached out to FBR for help, and we said we would take her into our care. Unfortunately the years of over-breeding also resulted in mammary tumors, and the probable cancer and heart worm combined, made it impossible for Franny to recover. She had 3 happy months of warm, dry conditions, good food and lots of love before she left.
FBR0021 Foxxie
From Foxxie's Family: Foxxie came into Florida Brittany Rescue after she was dumped at Polk County Florida Animal Control by her owners. They said she was 10, and it was obvious that she had not been cared for in a very long time: filthy, flea infested, ear infections and in desperate need of dental care. We got her through all her medical needs but she suffered hearing loss from her previous neglect. Upon arrival Foxxie was a very reserved girl, well-mannered and sweet. She never would get up on the furniture, despite our encouragement to do so. She did not like having her picture taken, and if we brought the camera out she would leave the room. She loved to ride in the car, going to McDonald's for McDoubles or an ice cream cone. Our two week foster turned into a permanent home for her, but it was not nearly long enough. She became fast friends with our GSP rescue, Stryker, joining him daily on his exploration of our property. She only lasted two years with us before succumbing to complications of Laryngeal Paralysis. We loved Foxxie dearly and miss her very much.
FBR0027 Magick - passed away while in our care -
From Florida Brittany Rescue: In the group photo, Magick is on the far right with his feet in the air. He had just recovered from a bad seizure (we thought he was going to die), and when I saw he was running with the dogs again it made me feel hopeful about him. Magick came out of the July 2013 Louisiana rescue. FBR brought 13 dogs from this rescue to Florida. 11 survived and went on to lead happy lives. Magick was a puppy, and it was hard to tell how old he was, but we guessed 6 months. FBR cared for him for 5 months as he came in and out of seizures. He had many happy days running and enjoying life as a loved dog for the first time in his short life.
FBR0036 Shelby - passed away while in our care -
From Florida Brittany Rescue: Shelby also came out of the July 2013 Louisiana rescue. Both Magick and Shelby were the two extreme cases that showed just how horrible over-breeding and hoarding can be on a dog. Shelby had so many issues: heart worm positive, mammary tumors, chronic dry eye, cauliflower ears, and a mouth of broken, rotten teeth. She was too sick for us to do anything but make her feel comfortable and loved for the time she had left.
FBR0037 Luke
Passed May 2016

From Luke's Family: Almost three years ago, we were lucky enough to adopt the sweetest old soul into our family. He hadn't had the best life or the attention he needed, he didn't know much and understood mostly Spanish. But boy could he make us smile. He was goofy and had a young spirit. He was mild mannered and loved the children. He woke them up with kisses in bed most mornings, and it was his favorite thing to do...beside lizard hunting of course. We picked him up from boarding on Friday night, and he was so excited to be home running and jumping and unfortunately drinking and eating way too quickly. He got bloat and his stomach twisted. They tried to help at the emergency vet, and we hoped he would recover but he took a turn yesterday afternoon, and Aaron and I made the very hard decision that it was time. Over 13 years is a good run for a pup. He has no more pain, and we hold on to that. Rest easy Lukey Boo, we love you.

FBR0041 Burton - passed away while in our care -
From Florida Brittany Rescue: Burton came from a kill shelter in Alabama, left there by his owners to die along with another Brittany female. FBR was contacted by the shelter as they thought he had a chance at life still. We arranged a private plane to fly there and bring him down to Florida. Once vetted we were told he had severe dental issues that would require surgery to close of the holes in his gum line, but he needed to build up strength in order to survive the surgery. We tried everything to get him to eat but Burton knew it was his time to go and after 2 weeks he passed away quietly in his sleep.
FBR0042 Bailey
From Bailey's Family: Bailey was an owner-surrender who came to Florida Brittany Rescue at 13 years old. He was a very healthy male with a goofy grin, lots of energy and an endless appetite. Bailey was able to spend his final years running the Venice Dog Beach and his large, shady backyard. Bailey, or "Bailey Boo" as he was affectionately called, loved life and made friends everywhere he went. He died just before his 15th birthday. I still miss him every day, but am thankful for the time we had together.
FBR0043 Maddie
Passed on 23October2017

My Maddie was the sweetest soul I have ever met. She joined our Miami pack three years and eight months ago. She left us on October 23, 2017. Maddie was 15 years old. It’s amazing how our lives changed when Maddie joined our family. Everything became about her. Daily life takes its course and I didn’t notice just how much we adapted to make her happy, healthy, and safe. Maddie was a dancer! She danced for her meals, her treats, and whenever I came home! She was always excited, a heavy breather, and a noisy walker. Maddie was calm, loving, and accepting. Today our home feels so empty! In time we’ll create a new normal. I’m so happy she was in my life. I loved taking selfies with the Mad Hatter! A beautiful baby! She’s forever in my heart!

FBR0051 Hazel
“Forever isn’t long enough” is so true when we write about the recent passing of Hazel, who crossed the bridge on November 30th, 2016 after a long battle with liver disease and the complications from it. Hazel was a stoic girl who endured a lot until she found the perfect forever home in May 2014. Hazel learned how to be a beloved member of the family, how to accept love and give love, how to play with other dogs and toys. She especially loved the freedom she had in her forever home, with its doggy door which led to her beautiful and safe fenced-in yard, where she could hunt and play until her heart was content. Hazel touched so many lives and made an impression on her owners' souls. Run pain free Sweet Girl. You were loved.
FBR0060 Charlie
Passed January 2016

Charlie was an owner-surrender by the adult children of Charlie's previous owners (their father died and their mother went to live with family out of state). He arrived at FBR frightened and 20 lbs overweight. It took 4 months before the right forever home came for Charlie. They actually came to Myakka to see another adoptable dog in our care and fell in love with Charlie, as did Wyatt, their young 1 year old was so beautiful to watch how bonded they became in just one meeting. Charlie got into excellent shape with his new owners, and they loved him very much, even celebrating his 8th birthday this past November (2015) with party hats and doggy cake. So it was with heavy hearts when we learned that Charlie's life ended suddenly due to an aggressive form of cancer, which he seemed to have bravely hidden from all the diagnostic testing he underwent. A dog's life is short, and it doesn't matter how long we have them: it's just never long enough. One thing for sure...we know Charlie's last year with his forever family was most likely the best year he ever had. His little brother Wyatt learned how to be a good boy with Charlie's watchful eye. Run pain-free, sweet Charlie...we will miss you. From Charlie's family: "Our souls ache, but we know that he is in a much better place."

FBR0071 Charlotte
Passed on 10-28-17

From FBR: Charlotte was an owner surrender, who was neglected, arriving with heart worms, fecal worms and urinary infection. She also had broken and worn down teeth from years of trying to escape from an outdoor kennel. She suffered from severe storm anxiety. She was a special needs dog who needed the right owner to come along with little away time. On Aug 15, 2015, that day happened, and boy, did she ever find the perfect owners! She was a regular at FBR headquarters as we promised to pet sit for her whenever her very special owners went away. She was a sweet mothering dog to all the young pups that passed through FBR while she was here, and we will always love how kind she was to Cracker. She taught all the young ones a thing or two about hunting lizards and squirrels. She died too soon. We estimate her age at 10 1/2. From Charlotte's Family: Bill and I were able to give this sweet, gentle 8 yr old lady a loving, comfortable and safe home with plenty of squirrels and lizards to hunt, sweet grass to stretch out on, shaded sand to dig and lie in, and soft beds in her favorite rooms. But she gave us so much more in the 2 years she shared with us and we treasure those memories. Even strangers commented on how beautiful she was but they couldn't see her beautiful, loving and appreciative soul like we could. Sweet Charlotte, you crossed the Rainbow Bridge too soon but are now pain (and thunderstorm) free. Rest in Peace, you will be in our hearts forever.

FBR0076 Floyd
Passed on 10June2017

We are all so incredibly saddened here at FBR to learn that one of our own, Floyd (former FBR0076), a sweet and gentle soul, passed away peacefully in his sleep this past Saturday. He had almost 2 years with his forever family which were filled with great times, enormous love and lots of belly rubs. Just as Floyd's last couple of years were so wonderful, his early ones were as dreadful. He was a stray in Ocala, FL, living in the woods along a remote road known by the locals for dog dumping. A Good Samaritan saw him while she was driving to work one morning, noticing that he would run down to the road from the woods every time he heard a car or truck approach, in hopes, we suspect, that his owners were returning for him. On May 28th 2015, his life changed course because on her way home for lunch, this same dog ran straight down to her SUV. She stopped, opened the door, and Floyd jumped right in, so happy, grinning from ear to ear. He was in terrible condition and very sick, but after 3 months in foster care under strict medical supervision, he rebounded back to health, eager for his next adventure: finding his perfect forever home! Floyd adopted into a family whose members treasured him beyond measure. He was the first dog this family ever had, and from the youngest to the oldest, they were truly besotted with him. From his family: "He loved his little panda and unicorn stuffed animals. He had what we called his "spot" under our grand piano. It was his safe place where he would collect all the stuffed animals from around the house and pile them there. He would lay among them like a king! When Miles (our youngest) was still really little, Floyd would steal his pink frosted donut right out of his hand, so we used to say that Floyd loved Dunkin' Donuts! We are all very devastated right now, as this was totally unexpected. We gave him a proper burial in our backyard. The kids have been taking it really hard, especially our 7 year old who was literally Floyd's best friend. Please keep us in your prayers as the next few months are going to be very difficult. Floyd was such a good boy. He loved to follow everyone around. He loved to run around the yard and provided so much happiness and laughter in the short time he was with us. We would love to rescue another Brittany once we have recovered from our loss." - Tracy, Jeff, Jude, Kate and Miles

FBR0081 Josie
Passed on 16February2018

From Florida Brittany Rescue: Josie was dumped at a shelter by her breeder after she was of no use anymore. She came into our rescue Early October 2015 at 8 1/2 years old and weighed 68 lbs. It took 3 months to get her down to 40 lbs so we could then spay her and start looking for her forever home. In January 2016 she hit the jackpot when she found her way onto Jacqueline's lap. She had two good years of devoted love and happiness, and we are so sad it couldn't have been longer. Run pain free sweet Josie.

From Josie's Family: Josie passed away after suffering many medical problems in the past few months that caused her severe anemia and tremors that caused her to struggle to walk. Josie, AKA Gladys, AKA Chigger, came into Florida Brittany Rescue from Georgia, through the efforts of many volunteers. Josie was a sweet Brittany who just loved all people. She also had an appetite that was never satisfied. While other Brittany’s hunted squirrels, birds or other small animals, Josie hunted something to eat. Josie was the best Cuddlier ever and would snuggle every night before returning to her beloved crate. With the crate door always open, she responded to the morning alarm by running and jumping on the bed to cuddle some more before a walk and breakfast. The end was peaceful as she passed away in my arms, watching me the entire time. She was well loved and will be missed by many.

FBR0088 Buttons
Passed on 12August2017

Buttons has crossed over the rainbow bridge. He had a brain disorder that medications could no longer control. He was loved dearly by his people and they nurtured and cared for him. He was known in his home as the " guitar dog" because he loved to lay on his owner's lap and have him play the guitar on his belly. Run pain free sweet Buttons, you were loved. From his family: "Buttons was a perfect gentleman in every way except for when the signals from his brain were wrong. He was loved no matter what happened but love just couldn't fix the problem. My heart is still broken 💔"

FBR0093 Jag
On 20.Sep.2016, our rescue lost one of the best-natured Brittanys ever; his name was Jag. He was a very handsome 5 year old owner-surrender that came in with his litter mates Coco Joe (fka Feather) and Poppy, as well as his sister, Nina, from another litter. Jag adopted quickly and settled into a home that loved him dearly. He had a best bud, a young 9 year old boy with whom he played retrieving, and went boating, fishing and camping. Jag began to have issues with urinary incontinence, and after several weeks of trying to treat him; we all agreed he needed to come back to FBR for further diagnostics and treatment. Initially he did well, and we thought he was on the mend; but then he just stopped eating and couldn't tolerate the medications needed to cure the kidney infection. We all tried so hard to save this lovely boy. The necropsy revealed Jag had been born with only one kidney, which was full of infection. Our vet assured us there was no way we could have known, he never showed us his symptoms until it was too late. Run pain free sweet Jag, you were loved and those who you touched will never forget you.
FBR0099 Woody
Passed on 14August2016

Every dog has its own story on how he or she came into rescue. In Woody's case his original owner passed away. A rescue in Ohio, run by prison inmates, took him in and made him adoptable again. A young man in Florida saw his post and arranged to adopt him, and he had a loving home for almost 2 years. His owner needed to leave the country and could not take Woody with him, so he contacted Florida Brittany Rescue. Woody became FBR0099: he was a big field Brittany weighing in at 64 lbs! We had his hernia repaired, and he had his first dental ever which resulted in 6 extractions. The stars were perfectly aligned for Woody as we didn't have to look long to find him his new forever home, and he adopted immediately. Woody lost his life to a fast-growing cancer, you know the ones undetectable by blood work. The mass covered his spleen, and he could suddenly no longer eat and was in a lot of pain. From Woody's Family: "Woody, we promised you a forever home, and you got it sweet boy. So grateful for having you the last two months. You will be remembered for galloping (not running) through the house, playing chase with your toys, your love of blueberries and apples, your head lying on our laps, being so kind and understanding of Crockett, your gentle way, your head held high in your walks. You were loved, sweet boy, and you are missed."

FBR0124 Rosie - passed away while in our care -
Passed on 13May2017

From Florida Brittany Rescue: We very sadly had to let our sweet little rescue, Rosie go on Saturday. She had 32 days of love, good food and comfort. Thankfully, she didn't die along the side of the highway where she was found as a stray. We are guessing that Rosie was around 10 years of age and lived a very hard life as an outdoor kennel dog. All the telltales signs were there: broken teeth, incisors gnawed down to the gum line, deaf and eyes cloudy from living outdoors under the harsh sun. She clearly had had no veterinary care as she was heart worm positive and had mammary tumors so deep that surgery was not an option for her. Our loving fosters who found Rosie did all they could to get her strength up for heart worm treatment and dental work and to give her a chance at a good life, but there were too many health issues for Rosie to overcome, and she declined very quickly at the end, much to our surprise and sadness. Rosie had such a sweet and trusting disposition despite her mistreatment, and so true to the Brittany breed, she wanted to please her pack -- she helped the resident dog, who is blind, around the property. We can't thank our volunteers enough for all they did to make her last days the best days she could have had. And we also thank Dr. Laura for making her passing a serene one. Run pain free, sweet Rosie girl, you were loved.